Scoreboard Owners Manuals

Installation and service manuals for our new LX-Series scoreboards are listed below. If you are looking for information about scoreboards purchased prior to 2012, please scroll down to the next group of manuals. If you are looking for information about the LX-Series scoreboards and do not see a manual, please contact the factory. We have additional documentation available that has not been deployed online yet.

Please, do not assume that dimensions, post spacings, and other information given in the manuals will be complete and accurate for every possible configuration of a scoreboard. These manuals are generic guidelines. Before you dig holes or route cables, please contact the factory to verify the details for your particular scoreboard.

LX-Series Scoreboard Manuals (2012 and newer)

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Hockey/LacrosseHockey/Lax
  • Other Sports

Control Consoles for LX Scoreboards


ScoreLink and Other Accessories


Pre-LX LED Scoreboards (manufactured prior to 2012)

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Important Disclaimer: If you are planning to download a manual to provide guidance in preparing for the installation of a scoreboard to be purchased, please contact the factory and verify that what you are going to receive matches what is described in the manual. In many cases, lack of communication between the purchaser and the installer can result in costly confusion for both. For instance, many scoreboard installed along the Florida coastline require more elaborate mounting techniques to meet local codes for performance in high winds. These online manuals show only the standard mounting configurations for our scoreboards. Endless customizations are possible. So please give us a call.