Privacy Policy Statement

Privacy Policy Statement

The Electro-Mech Commitment to Privacy

Electro-Mech recognizes and is committed to maintaining the integrity of information that we receive. We encourage all users to read our policy statement describing how data is collected and used. If you have questions regarding the privacy of your personal information, please feel free to contact us.

Website Content:
We value our customers and readers. Therefore, Electro-Mech does not knowingly include any content that could be considered misleading, deceptive, fraudulent, or otherwise harmful to visitors. Electro-Mech does not endorse or knowingly include any advertising featuring unproven claims or misleading prices or payment terms.

What personal information is collected and how is it used?

Information that Electro-Mech includes in the ‘request a quote’ and/or ‘get more information’ website section and/or call-in may include the following: Name, company or organization, street address, city, State, zip code, phone number, email address, and details about our products.

Electro-Mech follows a policy for information collection, distribution, and use:

1) When an inquiry or lead arrives via the Internet or telephone, the information is distributed to the Electro-Mech sales team for follow-up.

2) Electro-Mech does not share any lead information with any other companies or organizations.

3) Storage of records: For lead inquiries resulting in an official quote, Electro-Mech saves the customer information as part of our historical records which may be archived at a later date.

4) Request for contact removal: If Electro-Mech receives a request to remove personal or customer contact information, this data is removed within one to two business days of the request.


Electro-Mech offers an opt-in section on the website for e-newsletters. This section contains only individual email addresses and is used solely for the purpose of distributing the e-newsletter. Users may ‘opt-out’ of receiving the e-newsletter at any time. Opt-out completion will take one to two business days from receipt of the opt-out request.

Software and Downloads:

Electro-Mech offers a file exchange to registered users/customers for the purpose of sending and receiving large graphic files to/from Electro-Mech. The user must have a legitimately assigned log-in and password.

Electro-Mech additionally offers catalogs, product specifications, user manuals, and other technical and sales documents as downloads. Most files are in standard Adobe .pdf format.

Stats and Analytics:

Electro-Mech uses aggregate information from Google Analytics for the sole purpose of improving the website. No personal information is shared with or used by Google Analytics – only aggregate information for marketing purposes, which may include page tracking, geographical location, and computer hardware or software specs. Additional information on Google Analytics Privacy Policy may be found at this link:

Cookies: what are they and how they are used

Some of the pages on may contain cookies. Cookies are text files stored on the computer hard drive of the user. Cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information, but are used to retrieve specific computer information such as the user’s language, which assists in configuration and personalization of the webpage view.

Electro-Mech adheres to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

The Electro-Mech website has been designed for an audience of individuals 13 years of age and older, but does not contain anything inappropriate for any age. Electro-Mech does not collect, maintain, or distribute any personal information from children under the age of 13. However, users that visit may be tracked by Google Analytics, solely for marketing purposes.

Security and Data Integrity

Electro-Mech takes reasonable precautions to protect all personal information from misuse, loss, and unauthorized access, alternation, disclosure, or destruction. Electro-Mech ensures that any personal information collected is relevant to the purpose for which it is collected and used in a manner compatible with that purpose.


Electro-Mech routinely updates this privacy page with any changes or alterations to policy, helping to ensure that you remain informed about company data collection and use, so that you can make the choice of limiting said collection and use of your personal information.


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