Hockey Scoreboards

We offer a complete line of LED Hockey scoreboards, from the straightforward Model LX8350 showing Time, Period, and Points, to our top-end Model LX8850, [Continue reading...]

Indoor Hockey Scoreboards

A range of Hockey displays, from basic to full-featured

Model LX8350   9 ft x 3 ft

Our most popular Hockey scoreboard covers the basic features of most indoor sports.

Model LX8440   16 ft x 3 ft

The unique layout of this scoreboard makes it ideal when vertical space is limited.

Model LX8650   9 ft x 5 ft

This design has set the standard for our indoor Hockey line for years.

Model LX8750   9 ft x 5 ft

Keep up with Shots on Goal for both teams

Model LX8850   12 ft x 5 ft

The most complete indoor Hockey scoreboard available

Indoor Hockey Locker Room Clocks

Use these small displays as a remote reference to the Time that is showing on your main scoreboard.

Model LX7406   23 in x 10 in

Whether you are counting down time between halves or leading up to the start of the game, this small display will duplicate the time shown on the main scoreboard.

Outdoor Hockey and Lacrosse Scoreboards

A selection of weather-resistant displays for Hockey and Lacrosse

Model LX7740   16 ft x 8 ft

All Lacrosse and Field Hockey features are present and accounted for in this major league scoreboard.

Model LX7770   26 ft x 10 ft

Lacrosse and Field Hockey now have a scoreboard that make the other sports jealous.

Model LX7860   9 ft x 5 ft

It's hard to believe that we packed so much information into such a compact cabinet.

LX6430 SERIES   16 ft x 5 ft

For serious Soccer and Lacrosse facilities, this scoreboard series has proven to be one of our most popular.

View Model LX6430 View Model LX6430 View Model LX6430 View Model LX6430

Basic Outdoor Multi-Sport Scoreboards

These outdoor scoreboard models keep it simple, which makes them versatile. If you play Field Hockey or Lacrosse, and then turn the facility over to another sport at the end of the season, our multi-sport displays will keep on working for you.

Model LX6360   16 ft x 5 ft

The information is basic, but the big 24-inch digits get the important points across.

Model LX6370   18 ft x 9 ft

With a 30-inch tall Period Clock, you never have to ask the musical question, "Does anybody really know what time it is?"

Model LX6630   10 ft x 3 ft

Like its bigger brothers, this little scoreboard can serve a variety of sports.

LX6650 SERIES   10 ft x 5 ft

This compact Multi-Sport model covers the basic features of most outdoor sports.

View Model LX6650 View Model LX6650

Model LX1390   14 ft x 5 ft

When Baseball season is over, this Multi-Sport scoreboard keeps working.

Portable Outdoor Multi-Sport Scoreboards

Weather-resistant displays compact enough to be mounted on wheels, featuring support for a variety of sports

Model LX6320   5 ft x 3-1/2 ft

Score from your tailgate or add our T-Cart Leg Kit.

Model LX6324   5 ft x 3-1/2 ft

With a quick caption change, this portable scoreboard can handle Football, Baseball, Soccer, and more.

Model LX1320   5 ft x 4 ft

You need a portable scoreboard that can handle Baseball and Basketball? Here it is.

Outdoor Practice Segment Timers for Hockey or Football

If you have access to an outdoor practice field, these displays will help you keep those practices on schedule.

Model LX7520   4 ft x 3 ft

Take control of practice, and roll this display away for secure storage when you are done.

Model LX7620   5 ft x 3-1/2 ft

A comprehensive practice time scoreboard that includes a Play Clock feature -- all in a portable package.

Model LX7640   7 ft x 5 ft

Designed for permanent installation on your practice field.

We offer a complete line of LED Hockey scoreboards, from the straightforward Model LX8350 showing Time, Period, and Points, to our top-end Model LX8850, which adds Shots on Goal and a pair of Penalty Timers for each team — counting down the time remaining for the Penalty and tagging it with the number of the Player who was assigned the Penalty. Internally, the Hockey software in our control console tracks up to eight Players and Penalty Times — four for each team — while only two lines show on the typical scoreboard display. Electro-Mech has just the right Hockey scoreboard to fit your program's needs and budget. We'll hit the ice with your team to ensure that your scoreboard is exactly the way you want it before the first drop of the puck. If it's true that you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, let Electro-Mech keep track of the shots you make! Colors and Other Options Colors are easily matched to your team or program. Electro-Mech provides a menu of sixteen standard paint colors, and we can supply custom colors for an additional fee. You may also want to add a stripe around the edge of the scoreboard to bring extra zing. White or gold are very effective. For indoor Hockey scoreboards, Electro-Mech offers a unique three-color arrangement of LEDs that helps your eyes quickly locate and focus on the information you need. The Green, Red, and Amber digits are an industry-leading combination of attractive design and functionality. Our outdoor Hockey scoreboards are outfitted with super-bright LEDs that are configured to offer the widest possible viewing angle. You may choose Red or Amber LEDs for outdoor displays. All of our indoor Hockey scoreboards and most of the outdoor models (portable scoreboards and the compact LX7860 being the exceptions) can be upgraded to include Electronic Team Names. Electro-Mech ETNs are ahead of all competitors in legibility and ease of use. The software to control them is built right into the standard Hockey control console — no need for a separate keyboard. While typical text displays use an 8-pixel tall character and limit you to six total characters or fewer, Electro-Mech uses a 9-pixel design (14 pixels tall on some larger models) for better looking fonts along with tighter pixel spacing to increase the number of letters you can show on the scoreboard. Our indoor Hockey models are typically attached to a wall, although they can also be suspended from the ceiling. To keep the eyes of your Hockey fans focused toward the rink, consider a center-hung four-sided Hockey scoreboard. All of the single-face indoor models shown on this page can be purchased in a four-faced configuration. ID Panels A Hockey scoreboard has to do more than just show the Time and a handful of statistics. It should enhance your facility with an attractive design. But in many cases the most important feature of a scoreboard is its ability to generate advertising revenue. For this reason, most of our Hockey scoreboards can be upgraded to include ID panels where sponsors place their ads. In addition, ID panels are a branding tool for the team and the facility. Your Electro-Mech sales rep can help you design an ID panel plan that makes your scoreboard not only a good-looking part of your facility but also an ongoing source of income. ID panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most of our Hockey scoreboard models are designed to be made with expanded cabinets that include a built-in rectangular area for advertisements or other logos and text. If the panel is added along the top of the cabinet, we can curve the frame to make an arch or dome shape. For an even more dramatic effect, choose an open-frame truss panel. About Electro-Mech Way back in the 20th Century when gentlemen attended Hockey games in their pinstriped wool suits and bowler hats, Electro-Mech used to make Hockey scoreboards using incandescent light bulbs. This was annoying for several reasons. Hockey scoreboards — especially the ones with Penalty Timers — tend to have lots of lighted digits, which meant lots of light bulbs. Not only did the old light bulb systems require maintenance much more often that today's LED systems, but they also generated much more heat. As the ice from the surface of the hockey rink melted, the moist air seemed to be attracted to the hot scoreboard like iron filings to a magnet. The scoreboards would get soaking wet and the moisture would contaminate the metal surfaces — such as the bases of the light bulbs and their sockets — and other parts of the electronics. While our early efforts in Ice Hockey rinks were not our proudest, Electro-Mech's modern LX series of Hockey scoreboards is remarkably reliable. We've learned a thing or two about what makes Hockey a unique sport. The Players strapping on those skates are some of the toughest athletes there are — and our products have to be just as tough! Now boasting over 50 years of experience, Electro-Mech can go stick to stick with anyone.