Basketball Scoreboards

When it comes to Basketball, the choice of an Electro-Mech scoreboard is a slam-dunk. Our products run the gamut from "just the basics" to full-featured models incorporating Player Stats, center-hung four-sided arena models, [Continue reading...]

Indoor Basketball and Multi-Sport Scoreboards

Displays featuring a range of statistics including most traditional Basketball stats.

Model LX2570   14 ft x 5 ft

A big Basketball scoreboard with the right feature mix

Model LX2645   8 ft x 6 ft

An advertising-friendly Basketball scoreboard with Wrestling/Volleyball captions

Model LX2655   9 ft x 5 ft

Our most popular indoor scoreboard for Basketball and other sports

Model LX2665   10 ft x 5 ft

One of our most versatile indoor scoreboards

Model LX2745   8 ft x 6 ft

This compact scoreboard is packed with Basketball information.

Model LX2770   14 ft x 6 ft

This is one of the largest standard Basketball scoreboards made.

Model LX2545   15 ft x 3 ft

An unusual scoreboard design for Basketball and other indoor sports.

Model LX2550   9 ft x 5 ft

A classic Basketball design that includes Time Outs Left

Indoor Scoreboards with Basic Basketball Features

These models include the key information for Basketball and other indoor sports. You can pair these smaller scoreboards with any of the larger indoor displays shown on this page and count on perfect synchronization of all the shared features.

Model LX2330   6-1/2 ft x 3 ft

A compact Basketball scoreboard that does not compromise quality

Model LX2340   8 ft x 4 ft

This 8 ft. x 4 ft. Basketball scoreboard gets the details right.

Model LX2350   9 ft x 3 ft

Our most popular basic Basketball scoreboard

Model LX2370   14 ft x 3-1/2 ft

Basic basketball features in an extra wide package

Indoor Shot Clock Sets and Locker Room Clocks

Shot Clocks for each goal and Locker Room Clocks to monitor time when you are away from the court

Model LX2160   24 in x 27 in (each)

A set of two Basketball Shot Timers

Model LX2180   29 in x 27 in (each)

A pair of Shot Clock displays with Period Clock digits built in

Model LX7406   23 in x 10 in

Whether you are counting down time between halves or leading up to the start of the game, this small display will duplicate the time shown on the main scoreboard.

Indoor Basketball Scoreboards with Player Stat Panels

Our largest displays featuring traditional Basketball statistics plus stats for each Player

Model LX2555   17 ft x 5 ft

Did we miss anything? No. It's all right here.

Model LX2556   18 ft x 6 ft

The all-in-one indoor Multi-Sport solution

Model LX2575   22 ft x 5 ft

Pure Basketball statistical overload

Model LX2576   23 ft x 6 ft

The king of Basketball and Volleyball scoreboards

Indoor Basketball and Multi-Sport Player Stat Panels

Add-on displays showing individual Player statistics for Basketball or Volleyball

Model LX2055   4 ft x 5 ft (each)

A pair of five-player statistical panels for Basketball

Model LX2056   4 ft 5 in x 6 ft (each)

A pair of six-player statistical panels for Basketball and Volleyball

Outdoor Basketball Scoreboards

We took the features from our best-selling indoor Basketball models and designed them into these durable displays for outdoor courts.

Model LX7230   9 ft x 3 ft

Take it outside, all you Basketball fans!

Model LX7260   9 ft x 5 ft

A compact but full-featured outdoor scoreboard for Basketball

Outdoor Multi-Sport Scoreboards

These weather-resistant displays are capable of scoring Basketball along with most other outdoor sports.

Model LX6360   16 ft x 5 ft

The information is basic, but the big 24-inch digits get the important points across.

Model LX6370   18 ft x 9 ft

With a 30-inch tall Period Clock, you never have to ask the musical question, "Does anybody really know what time it is?"

Model LX6630   10 ft x 3 ft

Like its bigger brothers, this little scoreboard can serve a variety of sports.

LX6650 SERIES   10 ft x 5 ft

This compact Multi-Sport model covers the basic features of most outdoor sports.

View Model LX6650 View Model LX6650

Model LX1320   5 ft x 4 ft

You need a portable scoreboard that can handle Baseball and Basketball? Here it is.

Model LX1390   14 ft x 5 ft

When Baseball season is over, this Multi-Sport scoreboard keeps working.

Model LX6320   5 ft x 3-1/2 ft

Score from your tailgate or add our T-Cart Leg Kit.

Model LX6324   5 ft x 3-1/2 ft

With a quick caption change, this portable scoreboard can handle Football, Baseball, Soccer, and more.

Outdoor Practice Segment Timers

Electro-Mech LX-series Basketball scoreboards include a powerful "secret weapon" used by Football teams across the US: our Practice Segment Timer software. This scheduling tool is built into the control console that runs your main Basketball scoreboard. Use it to create multiple practice schedules -- with the Time and Segment Count displayed on the scoreboard. And when the time comes to get the Basketball team out of the gym, we have a series of outdoor scoreboards designed to display your practice schedule. Keep your team on track no matter where you practice!

Model LX7520   4 ft x 3 ft

Take control of practice, and roll this display away for secure storage when you are done.

Model LX7620   5 ft x 3-1/2 ft

A comprehensive practice time scoreboard that includes a Play Clock feature -- all in a portable package.

Model LX7640   7 ft x 5 ft

Designed for permanent installation on your practice field.

When it comes to Basketball, the choice of an Electro-Mech scoreboard is a slam-dunk. Our products run the gamut from "just the basics" to full-featured models incorporating Player Stats, center-hung four-sided arena models, and even Multi-Sport models for scoring Volleyball and Wrestling in addition to all the buzzer-beating action of your hoops games. For basic information — Points Scored, Time, and Period — our offerings begin with the streamlined LX2300 series. As needs expand, Electro-Mech offers more than a dozen display configurations. The top-of-the-line Basketball models (LX2555 and LX2575) show Fouls and Points for up to 10 Players — all 5 Players on the floor for each team!

There is nothing like seeing the final Tenths of Seconds spinning away on a Basketball scoreboard to get the crowd into the game. From the time the National Anthem is played until the final buzzer, your fans will focus attentively on your scoreboard for all of their in-game information. Electro-Mech is on your team and will work hard to ensure that your Basketball scoreboard looks exactly the way you want it before the first tipoff.

Scoreboard Colors

Unlike competitor products that are limited to just one or two LED colors, our indoor Basketball scoreboards feature THREE high-brightness LED colors: Amber, Green, and Red. It is amazing how much easier it is to hone in on exactly what you are looking for and quickly process the numbers when the information is organized by color. In a world of visual clutter, this small detail will be greatly appreciated by your players and fans.

Color is important whether your Basketball scoreboard is on or off. Electro-Mech offers 16 standard paint colors for the scoreboard face. In addition, you can upgrade to customized colors matching the needs of your team. As a finishing touch, we add contrasting striping around the edge of the cabinet. White and gold are the most popular and effective striping colors. You can add striping to our Shot Clocks or Locker Room Clocks, but please don't try to paint them. To keep them as compact as possible, we used the matte black digit masks to cover the whole face on each of these models. It's important to keep the digit mask black to provide good contrast with the LEDs.

ID Panels

ID panels can carry your team name, court or gymnasium name, and images such as team mascots or advertisements. Ads are critical revenue makers for any athletic program. The spaces near the scoreboard demand the highest fees because they command the most fan attention. In addition to the standard rectangular scoreboard appearance, Electro-Mech offers curved top panels and decorative trusses to create a stunning visual package.

About the Company

At Electro-Mech, nothing is more important to us than customer satisfaction. As a family-owned business, we believe in making the best quality scoreboards and doing everything possible to support our customers after the sale. Our Basketball scoreboards and control consoles are easy-to-use and remain trouble-free for years, while our support team stands ready to assist. If you are a returning customer, then you're already familiar with our reputation for quality and service. Potential new customers, take a good look around! You're cordially invited to join the Electro-Mech family, and we feel confident you won't regret that decision.