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There are over 170 scoreboard models listed on this web site — all of which Electro-Mech considers to be active catalog items. It can be overwhelming [Continue reading...]

There are over 170 scoreboard models listed on this web site — all of which Electro-Mech considers to be active catalog items. It can be overwhelming — especially if you are looking for something outside of the obvious categories of Baseball, Basketball, and Football. Many of our models within the "big three" listings include features that are common to one or more other sports. We've taken these Multi-Sport displays and some scoreboards geared toward other specific sports and organized them here. If you are looking for scoreboards that support Lacrosse, Softball, Volleyball, Wrestling, or other competitive events, Electro-Mech is sure to have a model to fit your needs.

Indoor Scoreboards

One of the things that makes Electro-Mech indoor scoreboards unique is our use of three LED colors. It's more than just a gimmick to make the lights look prettier. In a fast-paced game, you need to zero in on the important information without distractions. By sticking with a consistent color palette — Red for the primary Timer, Amber for the Points, Green for secondary information, etc. — Electro-Mech makes it easy to cut through the noise and focus on the critical numbers.

Speaking of our indoor LEDs, they are quite bright. Due to lighting conditions in some gymnasiums, we occasionally hear complaints that the scoreboards are a little TOO intense. All of our LX-series indoor scoreboards now ship with software-controlled brightness. You can easily dim down the LEDs with a few keystrokes on the control console.

Electro-Mech began shipping LED scoreboard in the 1990s. It has been so many years since any scoreboard manufacturer made displays with incandescent lamps, to talk about the efficiencies of LEDs versus light bulbs is silly at this point. But it is worth mentioning that the less current our displays use and the less heat we generate, the more reliable the system has become. We can't promise that your Electro-Mech scoreboard will never fail. But we do suggest picking a color you like — because you will probably have no reason to replace it for many years!

Outdoor Scoreboards

If you are reading this deep into the Electro-Mech web site, you are obviously pretty serious about researching scoreboards or coping with a monstrous case of insomnia. Assuming the former, here's some advice: Don't buy a steel cabinet — especially not for an outdoor sign. Like most US scoreboard manufacturers, Electro-Mech builds an all-aluminum cabinet. It's strong, it's lightweight, and, unlike steel, aluminum doesn't rust. There are good reasons most signs are framed out with aluminum.

Still awake? Here is some more cabinet-related trivia. Some of our competitors expect the folks installing their scoreboards to have access to welding equipment and other tools that you aren't likely to find in the average maintenance shed. Electro-Mech has always taken a more DIY-friendly approach. If you are interested in the details, download the owner's handbook for one of our outdoor scoreboards (and compare ours to the installation instructions our competitors offer — if you can find them). It is important to look at the total cost — including any special tools — required to install a scoreboard when you are considering your options. We believe there is no simpler or more cost effective installation technique than Electro-Mech's clamping system.

ID Panels

Well, here we are on the Internet — the world's most modern and dynamic source of information. The trick to building your successful Internet empire is to give away information that is interesting enough to attract an audience. Advertisers will pay to get to your online audience, and the same principle holds for scoreboards. Your scoreboard is, after all, a means of giving away interesting information to the fans and players at a game.

The space surrounding a scoreboard is prime real estate for advertisers. Don't underestimate the value of having every head in your stadium (or gym or park) turned away from the game to check the Time and other stats over and over throughout the event. Your sponsors benefit not only from having access to a captive audience but also from conveying the underlying message that they support the home team.

While over half of the ID panels we make are used for advertising, most scoreboards include some panel space for other purposes such as team mascots and other decorative graphics, school or facility names, or brag boards that highlight a history of championships. A well designed set of ID panels will reflect the character of the facility and the teams that play there.

About Electro-Mech

Here is one last piece of advice for the hardcore web surfer who plowed all the way to the bottom of the page: Give us a call. Well, it's probably the wee hours of the morning while you are reading this, so you might want to wait until later in the day when someone will be around to answer the phone. Business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM Eastern. But the point is that you should talk to us to get a sense of who Electro-Mech is. Hopefully you find southern accents charming, because most of us have thick ones. We are in a small town in the middle of Georgia after all. But once you get past the drawls, this is what you will find: A group of folks ready to help you. Whether you need a $20 part for a 30-year-old scoreboard or have a six-figure budget to spend on brand new state-of-the-art displays, we want to make sure you get what you really need. And right now, you really need some sleep.