Indoor Scoreboards

At Electro-Mech your satisfaction is our first priority. We are a family owned company whose philosophy is to make the highest quality electronic indoor scoreboards and provide unsurpassed support. This way of doing business has given us 45 years worth of happily returning customers. Our indoor scoreboards are designed for many years of easy use and problem free operation.[Continue reading...]

Model LX8350   9 ft x 3 ft

Our most popular Hockey scoreboard covers the basic features of most indoor sports.

Model LX2330   6-1/2 ft x 3 ft

A compact Basketball scoreboard that does not compromise quality

Model LX2340   8 ft x 4 ft

This 8 ft. x 4 ft. Basketball scoreboard gets the details right.

Model LX2350   9 ft x 3 ft

Our most popular basic Basketball scoreboard

Model LX2370   14 ft x 3-1/2 ft

Basic basketball features in an extra wide package

Model LX7406   23 in x 10 in

Whether you are counting down time between halves or leading up to the start of the game, this small display will duplicate the time shown on the main scoreboard.

We manufacture LED indoor scoreboards for nearly any athletic event including multi-sport scoreboards for venues where basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and other sports are played. Basketball indoor scoreboards for schools are frequently requested with multi-sport features. Electro-Mech has can also customize our cabinets and features to create arena football indoor scoreboards and other less common configurations. Our sales coaches are always glad to answer any questions to ensure that your installation will be a success.

Indoor scoreboard prices are related to features and quality. You seldom get more than you pay for and often get less when dealing with second rate manufacturers. Discount indoor scoreboards aren’t any bargain if they are constantly in need of repair. A cheap indoor scoreboard has a way of always breaking on the day of the big game. For the small price difference it isn’t worth years of aggravation. Make the wise choice for your new electronic indoor scoreboard. Choose Electro-Mech.

Electro-Mech Offers Customized Indoor Scoreboards To Meet Any Need

With Electro-Mech, it is never necessary to settle for less than the perfect indoor scoreboards, with the latest technologies and advancements possible. We offer custom solutions for any school, team, and program colors. There are many bright colors to choose from, and if none of these are acceptable you can have a unique color custom created specifically for your product for an additional amount. The background, letters, and stripe colors can all be changed to match any colors desired, giving you the best possible indoor scoreboards customized specifically for your school or team. This results in an attractive and eye catching equipment upgrade that will keep the attention of the fans no matter what the team is doing, and draw in bigger crowds to watch the games. Why settle for a standard product when Electro-Mech can help create the perfect indoor scoreboards which are customized to your exact specifications?

A Wide Variety Of Indoor Scoreboards To Choose From

When it comes to indoor scoreboards, Electro-Mech offers many different types, sizes, and models to choose from. The 2106 Multisport model is a large twenty seven foot by fourteen and a half foot, while the 2160 Multisport model is only twenty four inches by twenty seven inches. There are also many different factors and information types which can be included. The 2576 Multisport model has windows for a large number of facts and scores, and this model also includes space for any desired artwork or sponsors. No matter which indoor scoreboards are chosen, when they are purchased from Electro-Mech you can be assured of getting the best and most reliable scoreboard possible at a great price.

The Benefits Offered By Electro-Mech Indoor Scoreboards

  • The LED display used by Electro-Mech costs less and lasts longer than the traditional indoor scoreboard lighting, making it more environmentally friendly and cost effective at the same time.
  • Electro-Mech indoor scoreboards offer the highest level of customization allowable. This allows each school to receive the most appealing and attractive scoreboard possible, one that also meets their specific sport needs.
  • Increased attendance and revenue generation at sporting events are another benefit offered by Electro-Mech indoor scoreboards. Fans really enjoy modern facilities and equipment, and will attend more often and spend more money when these are present.
  • Easy installation makes Electro-Mech the leader when it comes to this factor. The scoreboards offered are easy and fast to install, so there is no need for long hours and lots of frustration trying to get your new product installed and working. We also offer excellent service for fast efficient help with any issue that may arise.
  • Give your field a whole new look, and fans and players a whole new attitude, with the addition of new Electro-Mech indoor scoreboards.