Message Centers

Message Centers

Message CentersMessage Centers

Looking for ways to generate more revenue through sponsorships and advertising? Many athletic programs across the country are realizing the numerous benefits to adding an LED message center to their scoreboards.

Not only does a message center add an extra level of excitement to your venue with its ability to play pre-recorded videos, highlights, and custom animated graphics, but incorporating a full color display with your scoreboard opens the door to endless advertising potential. With our easy-to-use LightSpeed™ Media Software, adding sponsors to your display only takes seconds; simply drag-and-drop their logo or pre-recorded commercial into the schedule – THAT’S IT!

No more printing banners, hanging signs on your fence, or changing out sponsor graphics on the ID panels around your scoreboard between seasons. Make changes easily and as often as you need. AND, with an LED Message Center you’ll never run out of “Sponsor Space” – you can add as many sponsor graphics and videos as you need.

Start each game with a pre-recorded message from your Athletic Director, Principal, or Superintendent. Get the crowd pumped with a hype video and highlight clips.