LightSpeed Live™

LightSpeed Live

LightSpeed Live™ Event Software brings any venue to life by bringing to live video action onto the big screen along with advertising and quick-action content. Get the attention of the fans and bring them the exact message you are ready to deliver at exactly the right moment. You are in control with exclusive features like these

  • ACTION ON THE DISPLAYEstablish multiple zones (or layouts) showing content from different sources simultaneously. Dedicate one zone to live input from your camera feed and another to advertising. Bring in pre-recorded videos by simply plugging in a Blu-ray or DVD player.
  • INTEGRATED SCALER CONTROLSA video scaler is typically a separate hardware component that takes input from another source (cameras, video players, etc.) and scales it to fit your display. LightSpeed LiveTM Event Software allows you to control the scaler features through the software with on-screen buttons for simple point and click control.
  • REVENUE GENERATING ADVERTISEMENTS…The Sign Scheduler allows you to create a playlist of advertisements that can be scheduled for Pre-Game, During the Game, and Post Game
  • INSTANT ACTION WITH HOT BUTTONS Hot Buttons on the screen show recognizable thumbnails of all quick action content, like “TOUCHDOWN!” or “IT’S GOOD!”, which are easily initiated with one click. These hot-button events temporarily override the schedule (typically running advertisements) but allow the schedule to resume where it left off after the message is complete. You don’t have to worry about remembering where the scheduled content was interrupted or about your advertisers missing their ads running on the display.