Outdoor Scoreboards

At Electro-Mech our primary goal is your satisfaction. We are a family owned company whose philosophy is simple. Make the best quality electronic outdoor scoreboards and provide the best support after the sale. For over 45 years this attitude has served both us and our customers well. Our outdoor scoreboards are manufactured to be easy to use and problem free for years. We highly value our returning customers who are familiar with our reputation for quality and service. We will make certain that when the time comes, you too will be a satisfied returning customer. Welcome to the Electro-Mech family. [Continue reading...]

Model LX6320   5 ft x 3-1/2 ft

Score from your tailgate or add our T-Cart Leg Kit.

Model LX6360   16 ft x 5 ft

The information is basic, but the big 24-inch digits get the important points across.

Model LX6370   18 ft x 9 ft

With a 30-inch tall Period Clock, you never have to ask the musical question, "Does anybody really know what time it is?"

Model LX6630   10 ft x 3 ft

Like its bigger brothers, this little scoreboard can serve a variety of sports.

LX6650 SERIES   10 ft x 5 ft

This compact Multi-Sport model covers the basic features of most outdoor sports.

View Model LX6650 View Model LX6650

You can choose from an extensive selection of LED outdoor scoreboards. Before you buy outdoor scoreboards it is important for you to understand electronic outdoor scoreboard features. Wireless outdoor scoreboards eliminate the hassle of digging trenches to install control cables. We manufacture specialized multi-sport outdoor scoreboards as well as standard ones. Our sales coaches will be happy to discuss your requirements to ensure that your purchase is a success.

Outdoor scoreboard prices are a function of features and quality. You usually get what you pay for. Discount outdoor scoreboards are no bargain if they constantly need repair. A cheap outdoor scoreboard has a way of always being broken on the day of the big game. For the small difference in cost you can avoid the future aggravation. Make the right choice for your electronic outdoor scoreboard. Choose Electro-Mech.

Outdoor scoreboards from Electro-Mech offer many features and benefits including:

  • All outdoor scoreboards offer excellent weather protection no matter how bad the weather may get. This is because these products include an outside cabinet of the highest quality, which is built to be completely moisture proof and weather resistant.
  • The LED display of the outdoor scoreboards offered by Electro-Mech have a super long life, and are very cost effective at the same time. Money is saved because the LED technology used requires only half of the energy used by older equipment.
  • Easy and convenient installation is available with all of the outdoor scoreboards we offer. Installing the new outdoor scoreboards only takes minutes, and is very simple to do.
  • Superior reliability is offered by Electro-Mech products. These outdoor scoreboards are the most reliable on the market, and have excellent service offered as well. We will ensure that your new scoreboard is working perfectly when you need it.

A Wide Variety Of Outdoor Scoreboards And Options Available

Electro-Mech offers a wide range of outdoor scoreboards, all of which can be customized for the individual school or buyer. Information available will vary, depending on the specific scoreboard chosen, and can include the score by team, the time, and other factors. Size will also differ depending on the outdoor scoreboards which are chosen. The 1360 Multisport model is ten foot by five foot, while the 3450 multisport model is sixteen foot by eight foot, so there is one that is the perfect size for any sport and school.

Outdoor Scoreboards With Customized Colors

With Electro-Mech outdoor scoreboards, you can choose the customized colors you want, so that they match the colors of the school, team, and sports program. There are more than fifteen vivid colors that can be chosen, or specialized colors can be custom created for an extra cost. An edge stripe can also be added to the outdoor scoreboards, and this can add a distinctive look which is very appealing. Two options when it comes to the LED display allows you to choose from red or amber lights, and the LED indicators will last at least one hundred thousand hours.

LED And Wireless Technology With Electro-Mech Outdoor Scoreboards

Since Electro-Mech started making outdoor scoreboards close to half a century ago, new advancements in LED and wireless technologies have become available. These advancements and innovations have been included in the products offered by the company, to make better outdoor scoreboards which last longer and are more convenient to install and use. LED displays offer brighter lights and better visibility from any angle or in any weather, and they cost less to operate and last longer as well. Wireless technology eliminates the need for cables everywhere and numerous safety hazards, plus increased set up and installation time as well. Electro-Mech outdoor scoreboards with wireless technology ensure easy and convenient score transmission without any hassles or extra time needed.