Scoreboards with Soccer and American Football Features

Model LX6434   16 ft x 5 ft

Changeable captions bring your Football game to the Soccer or Lacrosse field.

Model LX6436   16 ft x 5 ft

Features a 5-digit Timer and reversible captions

Model LX6544   22 ft x 8 ft

Soccer + Football = The best of both worlds

Model LX6546   22 ft x 8 ft

A Soccer scoreboard served with a side of American-style Football

Model LX6744   26 ft x 8 ft

An impressive scoreboard for Soccer, with reversible captions for Football

Model LX6746   26 ft x 8 ft

Soccer fans win big with this scoreboard -- and don't forget about the Football fans.

Model LX6944   26 ft x 8 ft

Based on our most complete Soccer scoreboard, this one handles Football too.

Model LX6946   26 ft x 8 ft

This may be the most feature-packed scoreboard in the Electro-Mech lineup.