University of Phoenix Stadium: 2015 Super Bowl – High Tech Scoreboards and Green Mission

Super BowlSports stadiums across the world have taken on the challenge of becoming part of a green mission to help save the planet. This is quite a daunting task as it requires the examination of every aspect of the game, the venue, the attendance and the fans. University of Phoenix Stadium hosts the 2015 Super Bowl and has already set in place the key pieces required to ensure their obligation to go green. To step up to the plate on this topic, it means more than just installing low electric use high tech scoreboards and a bit of recycling. This is serious business.
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High Tech isn’t for the Big Stadiums Anymore: High School Sports Scoreboards Really Rock

High School SportsWe are living in a society that has an incredible sense of high expectations for our technology. Smartphones and tablets bring immediate information and date, as it is happening around the world. This confidence has spread, so that even sports fans have access to home entertainment systems that once rivaled the best stadium presentations. The evolution of these technologies to bring sports fans out of their living rooms and into the bleachers has spread from the largest venues and is now becoming a more common scene in local high schools. The savvy choice of sports scoreboards has a multifunctional aspect that schools are taking full advantage of.
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Venice Florida Middle School Boasts Electronic Scoreboard

Venice Florida is a working class town, nestled in what is often called ‘the pretty side of the state’. Located on the Gulf Coast, about an hour south of Tampa, Florida, Venice is a small town with a lot of spirit. When the Venice Florida Middle School decided to add an electronic scoreboard, it was quite a big deal in the area.

A trip to Venice Florida is something that many people actually do for their vacation. Some of the loveliest beaches in the country are in Sarasota County and the area is renowned for the beaches that are filled with shark’s teeth. Unlike some other areas of the country, it’s quite easy to find a parking spot near the beach for your outing, barbecue or to just lay a towel down in a large expanse and take in the beauty of the area. Like other smaller towns, Venice attempts to keep the kids occupied with educational, artistic and sports related focus. The parents, teachers and booster clubs of Venice Middle School know and understand that the age of their kids is the beginning of keeping them on the right path, and sports is often the one event that can bond everyone together. It’s not uncommon to see a two parent working household take the time off from their day to attend the sports games of the kids. Teachers and staff at Venice Middle School are also major participants in supporting the kids. This is a town where everyone tries to make the time because they know their kids are the priority.
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Electronic Scoreboard Pizzazz at Sarasota Florida Middle School

Sarasota Florida is well known around the country as having one of the most beautiful beaches. The sand at Siesta Key is as fine as baby powder and doesn’t retain the heat. The area is also known to attract tourists and the usual compliment of winter snow birds. The families that live in Sarasota are incredibly supportive of their school activities, and it came as no surprise when a new electronic scoreboard was added to Sarasota Middle School.

Much of the notoriety of the Sarasota Florida area has historically been placed on its location. Some of the loveliest areas in the country for sun and fun, with the local sports focus on the high schools. Sarasota Middle School, like many middle schools in the country, used to come in second to the dollars that were devoted to fund the sports for the upper schools. But this story is changing. The cost of such items as electronic scoreboards, combined with the professional management of the manufacturers now offer the lower and middle schools the opportunity to have the same kind of visual and audio presentations as the scoreboards in the upper schools.
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How A School District Plans to Use Advertising to Pay Their Way

KATY Independent School District (ISD) is in Katy, Texas; near Houston. In January, 2011 the school board trustees met to brainstorm how they were going to achieve a revenue increase for the year. The meeting was prompted due to a major cost cutting reduction by the State of Texas, placing most schools in a serious condition.

Not to sit on their laurels, this group met with their special event general manager as well as the marketing team and everyone came to the table with a piece of the plan. The culmination of this high level meeting came up with a three-plan project; all of which would involve advertising.

While the goal is to use advertising, it is not for advertising sake alone. Their main mission is coordinating corporate, regional and local sponsorships that are more akin to a long lasting partnership with the school and community. At the top of their list is the focus to maintain a quality of excellence and respect.
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Clifton T. Barkalow Middle School Dedicates Scoreboard to Beloved Coach and Teacher

The teachers and coaches in our lives make an indelible impression on the students. They are a close-knit part of our community and lives. When one is lost, it is a heartbreaking event for everyone in the town. The community of Freehold New Jersey felt an incredible blow with the sudden loss of Richard Hartman, a teacher, coach and mentor.

There is always a time of grieving during a loss. Emotions typically run the gamut. Getting through the loss and turning it into a positive direction is part of the human experience. The staff, alumni, students and families of Clifton T. Barkalow Middle School made the decision to do just that. They came together as a single unit to ensure that the devotion and love that Hartman shared with his school and town would not be forgotten. The memorial would be created with a new school scoreboard.
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Which electronic scoreboard is best for your school?

There is an ocean of electronic scoreboard companies out there, all proclaiming that their products are the best. If you have been given the assignment of getting your school a new scoreboard, you know the right decision can make you a hero and the wrong one can drive you out of town. Here are a few things to consider when narrowing down the field to the right scoreboard for your school.

Doing your homework on the scoreboard manufacturer is the first thing to look at. A good manufacturer should have a record of longevity. They should also offer versatility in sports venues and have a consulting group that works with you. Some may offer a no frills, lesser cost choice, but if something goes wrong, you are on your own. A reliable and well established electronic scoreboard manufacturer will work with you as you make your choice.
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Meadowdale High School honors Ashley Aven with new scoreboard

In 2010, the community of Lynnwood Washington and the Meadowdale High School were devastated to learn that one of their students had succumbed to the cancer she had fought so long. In times of crisis, people will band together to try to make sense of something so tragic. They decided to honor Ashley and her fight with a new school scoreboard.

Ashley Aven was on the softball team at Meadowdale High School. She played the game she loved and was a normal teenager. With very few symptoms, she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia which is an aggressive and rare disease. Ashley was a fighter, spending almost six months in Children’s Hospital undergoing chemotherapy in preparation for bone marrow transplant. The cancer was more resilient but Ashley vowed that “the cancer doesn’t have me”. The physicians had given her only two months, but she continued to live into nine months. The softball community of Lynnwood became a supporting factor for Ashley and her family, holding fundraisers for the expenses. Jay Buhner, former Mariner player, became one of Ashley’s friends and made arrangements for her to throw the coveted first pitch at one of the Mariner games.
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The Debate: Should schools solicit sponsors for their scoreboards?

Sponsors have been an integral part of the athletic experience since the first group of teams got together on a school field. From small towns to mega metropolis areas, the sponsor was not only a method of revenue to help pay for the team, but represented a part of the local community that stood behind their team. Maybe it’s the times that we are in, but, for some reason, school officials are now questioning if sponsorship (ergo advertising) is something that should be accepted in a school sports environment.

I consider myself very lucky. I had the opportunity to split my growing up experience between a small town and a large city. I know what it’s like to live in a community so small that they loving say: “the good thing about a small town is that everyone knows everyone else. The bad thing about a small town is that everyone knows everyone else”. The good part of the town is that no matter what kind of sports event was happening, we had local businesses that supported the teams. Their kids and grandkids went to school with you; you shopped at their stores and saw their ads in the local paper. They participated in every church and school event and, it was common place to see their name or logo on the school scoreboard. In a city environment, it was really much the same. The sponsor names may change and their isn’t quite the same tight relationship as in a small town, but, the sponsor represented a business that was part of the school and team.
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How a high school is planning on getting their scoreboards for free

You have to admit, there are some pretty smart people at Romeo Community Schools in Michigan and Nancy Campbell, the Superintendent is leading the pack. Ms. Campbell is coordinating an all out effort to get new scoreboards for the school at no cost.

Romeo Community Schools has two rather old scoreboards in the gym at the high school. Circa 1959, to be exact. A schools scoreboard has a major affect on the overall morale of the school as well as the sports teams. An old fashioned scoreboard doesn’t motivate anyone and can actually lower attendance to games. Since there wasn’t any kind of budget allowed for scoreboard upgrade, it didn’t look to promising until Ms. Campbell came on the scene with the new idea.
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Albertus Magnus School Scoreboard to be dedicated to 9/11 Fallen Alumni

It is difficult to believe that ten years has passed since the horror of 9/11. Each and every American citizen felt helpless on that day. Loved ones were lost without apparent meaning or reason. Our dazed moments turned to the understanding that we had to do something in honor of those that were gone. Albertus Magnus High School, in Bardonia, NY lost five of their alumni members on that sad day, and they have decided to dedicate a new scoreboard in memory of those that had fallen. Five of the Albertus Magnus High School Falcons have been given a place of honor: Brian Novotny, Kevin Reilly, Michael McHugh, Michael Roberts and Sean Fegan.
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Murray County High School Football Traditions

If you are talking football you are probably in Chatsworth Georgia at Murray County High School. It seems like there is no where else in the country where the topic is serious and the games are a social event. This is a school that produces from ten to twenty draft selections a year to go on to College football. The Murray County High School Indians are one of the strongest proven football teams in the country, and they know it.
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Rabun County High School Basketball and Baseball Accomplishments

Tiger Georgia is a small town at the base of Tiger Mountain. Named after a Cherokee Indian Chief, it’s filled with peaceful views and lush forests. Their slogan is ‘where spring spends the summer’. It has the cozy, friendly atmosphere of a small southern town, but when it comes to sports, it’s another story. Rabun County High School is front and center in basketball and baseball and they won’t let you forget it.
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John Milledge Academy Trojans Looking Forward to Another Hot Football Season

At first glance, John Milledge Academy might appear to be the usual preparatory school. An elegant site in Milledgeville, Georgia, the John Milledge Academy deeply understands the difficult road that they had to traverse to get where they are today and the continued battle to maintain excellence in academics as well as sports. They are proud of the Trojans, their hot football team. That pride is apparent throughout the school and at every game. The football scoreboards show team spirit and support from the local sponsors.
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Basketball Game in Madison County High School in Danielsville, GA.

There is a reason why the Cherokee Indians loved the Danielsville Georgia area. There is a sense of beauty and peace that pervades where ever you go.

Nestled in the heart of Madison County is the Madison County High School and they have added a touch of spice to the area with the fever of basketball.
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Valliant High School Team Shows How They Play Football in Oklahoma

Thoughts of the State of Oklahoma bring visions of wide open country and nature the way it should be. The communities of Oklahoma seem to have the sturdy diehard attitude of the Westward settlers that founded the state. The people overcame unbelievable odds to place their mark in history. This type of attitude is exemplified in Valliant Oklahoma and at the Valliant High School where a football game is more than just a game, it is who they are.
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Seminole County High School in Donalsonville, GA: Home of the Fighting ‘Noles

If you like fishing you have probably heard of Donalsonville Georgia and one of the finest fishing lakes in the country, Lake Seminole. If you came into town you would have no choice but to notice evidence of the incredible team support of Seminole County High School, Home of the Fighting ‘Noles. The students and the town consider baseball to be a main event.
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Rockdale County High School: Fighting Bulldogs Baseball

When you enter Conyers Georgia you will probably see signs that say Beware of the Dog. They are, of course, referring to the Fighting Bulldogs of Rockdale County High School. The students take their baseball seriously and the game is part of their lives. This may be surprising for a small Georgian town like Conyers Georgia. To outsiders their fervor might raise eyebrows but if you are part of their team you are intertwined in the loyalty that is part of the philosophy and lifestyle.
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Pelham High School Basketball Team Just Can’t Get Enough of the Game!

Just outside of Birmingham Alabama is the sixth fastest growing community in the nation. Located in the foothills of Oak Mountain, it is picturesque in every way. A main theme of the community is supporting the local Pelham High School and its there, that you will find basketball fever. The fever is contagious because this area of the country just can’t get enough of the game and their favorite team. The Pelham High School Basketball Team has a mascot named ‘Paws” the panther. The colors of green and gold don’t just pervade the halls but are all over the town.
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Glynn County Recreation Dept. Serves Baseball in Brunswick, GA

Brunswick Georgia is steeped in a long and rich history. Known as the Gateway to the Golden Isles, it offers scenic beauty, lush landscapes and perfect Southern charm. The Glynn County Recreation Department compliments the true attitude of Americana. You see, in Brunswick, baseball is not just a sport; it’s a way of life.
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