John Milledge Academy Trojans Looking Forward to Another Hot Football Season

At first glance, John Milledge Academy might appear to be the usual preparatory school. An elegant site in Milledgeville, Georgia, the John Milledge Academy deeply understands the difficult road that they had to traverse to get where they are today and the continued battle to maintain excellence in academics as well as sports. They are proud of the Trojans, their hot football team. That pride is apparent throughout the school and at every game. The show team spirit and support from the local sponsors.

Milledgeville Georgia is a wondrous representation of the graciousness of the South and the look to the future. Named after Georgia governor John Milledge, it served as the state capital from 1804 to 1868. It was historically American Indian land, belonging to the Creek Indians; their ancient land was eventually exchanged as part of a debt payment to the white traders. The building of the town was well planned and based on models of the beauty and charm of Savannah Georgia and Washington, DC. Making its way through the Civil War while maintaining its integrity, it is known as the Antebellum Capital. Today Milledgeville gleams with the wonderfully restored historic buildings, museums and mansions.

It is in this setting that John Milledge Academy had its originating roots. The people of the area believed in this school, and it was built by the parents and local businesses, brick by brick. In the beginning stages, it was not uncommon to have meetings where a hat was passed around to help support the efforts. This is the same support that they have today when they attend the games and have the sponsorship names listed on the football scoreboards.

The determination shown by the original founders of John Milledge Academy continues to this day. Athletic Direct Steven James, ensures that the teams understand fair play and that the kids take the wisdom with them where ever they go in life. Their school pride for their Trojans football team can be seen in everything they participate in. There is always some kind of fund raiser going on, and everyone from the school and town is there. Whether an auction or shrimp boat meals, no one is left out. Their efforts support the school team’s equipment purchases and the building of new facilities. Alumni and Booster clubs are there to help continue the work and team ethics that are taught in all aspects of the school.

Attending a ‘prep school’ is an honor unto itself. But it’s always a challenge to prove that your school can be just as good in sports as in the academic side. John Milledge Academy is solid proof that this can be accomplished. The variety of sports choices for the kids incredibly complete and they excel in those sports in the same manner as their academic counterparts.

Enthusiasm for the football team at John Milledge Academy rates on par with any Super Bowl attendance. Excitement is hot and electric. Parents, kids, teachers, staff, alumni and sponsors are all in attendance to cheer the Trojans on. There is something to be said in the pride of building such a school of excellence from the ground up, and John Milledge Academy lives up to the dreams.

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