Seminole County High School in Donalsonville, GA: Home of the Fighting ‘Noles

If you like fishing you have probably heard of Donalsonville Georgia and one of the finest fishing lakes in the country, Lake Seminole. If you came into town you would have no choice but to notice evidence of the incredible team support of Seminole County High School, Home of the Fighting ‘Noles. The students and the town consider baseball to be a main event.

Seminole County is located at the most eastern southern tip of Georgia. The people of Donalsonville offer the calm and pleasant attitude of the old south with touches of high tech of today. Their strength is in the solid and grounded values that they have been raised with and they always lend a helping hand to their neighbors in need. They are the quiet storm that is the backbone of America with pride in family and town.

Seminole County High School is one of those schools that absolutely surprise you. It is rich in academics, clubs, sports and the arts. Brinson Register, Principal, encourages growth through learning lessons that the kids can take with them through life. Athletic Director, Jesse McCleod, instills fair play and team attitude in every sport in the school.

One of the most popular games at Seminole County High School is baseball. They epitomize the American conceptual school with their attendance and support. The local businesses proudly display their names and logos on . They know that it’s good business, but better yet, they feel it is their civic duty to support their team.

Beyond the friendliness and southern dignity of Donalsonville Georgia, there lies an intensity of pride. This is proven by the attendance of the students, parents, school staff and local townspeople during baseball season. When the game begins, all eyes shift to the baseball scoreboards. Counting the runs, yelling for their favorite player, jumping up and down when they get a slide to home plate. During a tie game, there is almost a hush that comes over the crowd and the look in everyone’s eyes asking themselves if this will be the player that brings the game home.

There is nothing more pleasing than a bright sunny day or a balmy Georgia evening, sitting in the bleachers and watching the Seminole County High School baseball players give their all for their team. While the focus is on winning, the game will be the talk of the town and school for days to come. People will have friendly banter over their favorite plays and share the pictures that they took with their cell phones. Everyone is a buzz with the outcome of the game and will be talking about meeting for the next one.

The kids at Seminole County High School will take the memories and experiences of the school and games with them. It will become part of the base of their lives and will help them in their future endeavors. As for the rest of us, we are already looking at the schedule to see when and where the next game will be.

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