Columbus, Georgia: History and Baseball


Columbus is a city that has gone from its early roots to a town with an incredible array of talent in business and sports. Over the years, the first interests started out as baseball, with games among the local citizens. Later, the business areas increased and the sports stadiums and fields advanced as well. From a field game of baseball with the baseball scoreboards alight, to a stadium packed with fans, this is a warm and welcoming American town.

Columbus. Georgia was founded in the early 1800’s and was based on its demographic location as the last usable road area before leaving the state. While it was named after famed explorer Christopher Columbus, the founders accomplished something quite unusual for the time with an actual city plan. The Chattahoochee River was the pipeline for everything outside of the area and the original town was to be located where the current city of Phenix City, Alabama currently stands. There was only one major hurtle that they had to overcome and this was the Native American Creek Indians.
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Winston-Salem, North Carolina: An Area With Many Names and Sports


The area we now call Winston-Salem in North Carolina is known as the City of the Arts and is just one of the many names that refers to this lovely part of the country. Known as a center of industrial progress, furniture and tobacco, the people of this area are incredible innovators. It might not surprise you to know that they are also avid sports fans, taking pride in their teams and fields. At any time you can check online to attend a basketball, baseball, football, or hockey game. They have a special place in their hearts for their baseball, with baseball scoreboards lit with the colors of their team.
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Chattanooga, Tennessee: A Land Loved By Its People

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga is a city of many variations. A touch of Americana, blended with many trials that they had to overcome. The people of the area have a love of country, state and baseball. Some of the most highly attended games in the year leave the town almost empty. Everyone is watching the team on the field with their eyes focused on the baseball scoreboards.

Chattanooga was originally inhabited by the Cherokee Native American tribe. The location near the river offered easy transportation between villages and the people thrived there for hundreds of years. This was also noted by the European settlers that decided to move in, and, over the years, the takeover resulted in the infamous Trail of Tears for the relocation of the Cherokee.
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Richmond, Virginia: A City of Stoic Strength

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Virginia is one the nation’s centers for everything historic. The close proximity to the nation’s capital and the participation of so many important historic moments has given the city the ability to be successful in industry and tourism. The Richmond Coliseum plays host to football, baseball and soccer games that are some of the best in the country. It depends on who you are talking to as to which sport is the favorite. Some favor attending the football games while others prefer baseball, with the baseball scoreboards lit with the team colors.

Colonists from English originally arrived in the Richmond area in the early 1600’s. The slow growth was due to the Native Americans inhabiting the area and led to the final founding of the town in 1737. By the late 1700’s, Richmond was embroiled in much of the politics of the day and based its success on agriculture and the slave trade.
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Savannah, Georgia: A Graceful City That Has Overcome All Odds

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah conjures images of gorgeous southern mansions, Spanish moss filled trees and a distinct hospitality of the area. This historic town features an incredible array of architecture, music and the arts, firmly embedded in the traditions of the south. Visitors are overwhelmed by the beauty and the regal demeanor of Savannah and it is an experience that is never forgotten. Savannah is also known for their love of their sports teams. As a city they offer an incredibly choice of professional and college teams as well as minor league baseball. There is an array of fields for baseball games including special attention to the baseball scoreboards.
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Montgomery, Alabama: Pride in their City, Football and Baseball

Montgomery, Alabama

The city name of Montgomery, Alabama denotes visions as the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speeches for equality. However, Montgomery is also home to some of the best baseball and football games and fans around. Sports fans make sure they attend in record crowds, with the Cranston Bowl stadium packed and the baseball scoreboards as the main focus for each point that’s gained. The Montgomery area has its roots that extend back to the colonial days of settlement and is actually built upon the land of two Native American tribes.
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Breaking Boundaries and Baseball Records: Jackie Robinson, simply the best

Breaking Boundaries and Baseball Records: Jackie Robinson, simply the best

If you turn on any sports event or attend any game today, it is hard to believe that African Americans were once banned from most American sports. While they did have their own ‘black teams’, they were not included in the semi pro, pro and national teams. Jackie Robinson, one of the greatest baseball players ever, was the first to break these bonds of segregation and opened the doors for the talent of thousands of African Americans everywhere.

Jackie Robinson was born in 1919 to a very poor single mother. His older brother had come in just behind Jesse Owens in the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games with a silver medal and inspired Jackie to go for his dreams. Jackie showed excellence is a variety of sports, including football. He attended University of California in Los Angeles and became the first attendee to cover four different sports and gain all varsity letters.
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Dave Winfield: Grace, honor and a baseball superstar

Dave Winfield: Grace, honor and a baseball superstar

Today’s baseball is often a catch up as to who is on what team and who has been transferred. While we all have our favorite teams there are many that have favorite players. It never mattered what team Dave Winfield played with because he was a personal favorite and an all time superstar.

Dave Winfield was born in 1951 in St. Paul Minnesota and his parents divorced when he was three years old. His mother and older brother formed a very close knit and tight bond, supporting and caring for each other in a loving home. Dave held an incredible respect for his mother, who worked to keep their family together. Never going too far from home, Dave and his brother spent a lot of time at the Oxford Playground. It was there that he met the directory of the playground, Bill Peterson. Bill became Dave’s mentor, friend and father-figure and encouraged the boys to play baseball and basketball.
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Bo Jackson: A Rare Success in Both Football and Baseball

It is a rough road for any athlete to perfect a single sport and very few in the world have the option of becoming the best in two sports. Bo Jackson was one of these rare individuals. His careers in both baseball and football are legendary; and he accomplished it all with a sense of ease. Often described as one of the best athletes in the world, Bo set himself apart by accomplishing a high standard of excellence.

Vincent Edward Jackson (“Bo”) was born in 1962 in Bessemer, Alabama. He was number eight out of a family of ten children and often referred to as “the wild boar hog”. The reason for the reference was simply that he was always getting into unruly trouble. The name evolved to “Bo” and that was what he preferred to go by for the rest of his life. Bo was raised by a single mother, who worked multiple jobs to support her family and Bo was a constant distraction with the trouble he got into and caused. By the time Jackson was thirteen he was forced to change his bad behavior when he had to take on odd jobs to pay for damage he had caused. It was then that he decided to play baseball.
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