Savannah, Georgia: A Graceful City That Has Overcome All Odds

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah conjures images of gorgeous mansions, Spanish moss filled trees and a distinct hospitality of the area. This historic town features an incredible array of architecture, music and the arts, firmly embedded in the traditions of the south. Visitors are overwhelmed by the beauty and the regal demeanor of Savannah and it is an experience that is never forgotten. Savannah is also known for their love of their sports teams. As a city they offer an incredibly choice of professional and college teams as well as minor league baseball. There is an array of fields for baseball games including special attention to the .

The original inhabitants of the Savannah area were the Native American tribes. The actual origins of the name are in controversy. Some indicate that it is a translation of what the local tribes called the area, while others state it may be a translation of the word southern or even salt in the native language; referring to the Savannah River. A third idea is that the name refers to the vast marshlands that surround the Savannah area, being a translation of a Spanish word.

The lush landscape and welcoming environment was indeed the center of possession by the Spanish and the British forces set up settlements to assist in the protection of the lands from invasion. The main source of revenue was through the silk and indigo production and export as highly coveted products in England for the day. The soil was conducive to the growing of cotton and vast plantations grew around this growing demand. The Port in Savannah became the busiest port in the country at the time, offering the local residents excellence in trading and commerce.

Savannah experienced the growth and prosperity that every highly prized trading center has and continued to attract businesses and industries to the warm climate and friendly atmosphere. The architecture of the area was a point of respect throughout the country and the citizens took great pride in their city. Churches, squares, schools, the arts and music elevated Savannah to a place of urban excellence.

The forts that were built to defend Savannah during the Civil War era stand today, along with a glorious array of homes, museums and plantations. The historic district of Savannah is a walk in a time gone by. Massively huge trees are heavy with Spanish Moss, gently bowing to allow your passage. Gardens, parks and natural resources were carefully maintained to keep the beauty of Savannah strong.

Universities, colleges and the arts are of high concern to the people of Savannah. As the town grew, so did their pride in some of their local sports teams, and the local educational facilities offered Savannah an immense amount of sports talent. New fields, stadiums and scoreboards were added as more of the town supported their teams. With roots in the jazz world, there are many clubs and theatres that portray a variety of styles, including classical and rock. This adds to the festive atmosphere of events that are scheduled in Savannah for the enjoyment of all. Restaurants and cafes offer the mixture of cuisine that is distinctly southern but the multicultural influences of the region also open the doors to many styles of quality dining.

Sports is in high demand in Savannah. The choices for their fans include baseball, football, hockey, basketball, basketball and even drag racing in their popular auto racing arena. The variety of games, stadiums and teams offer a sense of spirit that can only be found in Savannah. Everyone that attends a baseball game finds their eyes on the baseball scoreboard to cheer their team to the winning score.

Savannah is one of those cities that is not just a must-see, but a must experience.


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