If You Saw the Football Equipment of the 1920’s, You Wouldn’t Have Played the Game

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Football has become an iconic American sport, with billions of dollars spent each year on teams, players, stadiums, electronic scoreboards, equipment and, of course, merchandising. The sport itself has experienced an evolution, from humble beginnings as a spinoff of a kind of Rugby game, to the mega-sport of today. If you could turn back the hands of time and attend a football game in the 1920’s, you might not want to watch it.
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The Evolution of Our Beloved American Football Game


The U.S. considers football to be our own American sport and has made a rather profitable business out of it. In towns and cities across the country, local, collegiate, state and national football games are celebrated with fanfare like no other. The actual history and evolution of our oh-so-well-loved sport is actually quite interesting and surprising.
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Cloverdale Getting New Electronic Scoreboard


Cloverdale High School has never been known for sitting around and waiting for things to happen. They are a small community in the heart of America’s Midwest and they live by the solid stability and convictions that has earned this part of the country so much respect. So when it came time to make some decisions on their athletic field and scoreboard, John Butler, Cloverdale Varsity Football Coach came front and center to begin the discussions. It became very apparent that the football team needed a new practice area as well as a goal post and therefore, Mr. Butler came prepared to talk to the school counsel with all of the information needed.
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Newest Technologies for Today’s Electronic Scoreboards


Every time you attend a sporting event, whether large or small, the electronic scoreboard becomes the main focus on getting updates for the game. In the past, you would only see these kinds of technologies at the big games. The reason for that, of course, was cost. But that is all changing. Now, even the local junior high or high school can have the ability to have a sharp, clear and colorful electronic scoreboard for their sporting events.

As with any technology, the longer it remains on the market, the lower the cost becomes. The same thing is true with electronic scoreboards. The LED technologies are replacing the old bulbs and many of the recreational facilities, large and small, are switching out their old boards for the new ones. The latest trends also include some of the features that we have almost come to depend upon. Wireless is a hot requirement, along with smaller control panels for the people in charge of the updates.
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Jordan Hare Stadium Attendance Puts Auburn on the Map!

Jordan Hare StadiumAuburn, Alabama boasts an incredible support of their favorite sport, football.   The Jordan Hare Stadium exemplifies the area’s team spirit at each game, with crowds that top of the charts.  As the fifth largest stadium in the U.S., the 85,214 seating capacity, the attendance record was set for the stadium in 1989 at 85,319. Those that were there will remember when Auburn won against Alabama, which was at that time undefeated, untied and ranked second in the U.S… That was the day that Auburn was officially on the map.
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Montgomery, Alabama: Pride in their City, Football and Baseball

Montgomery, Alabama

The city name of Montgomery, Alabama denotes visions as the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speeches for equality. However, Montgomery is also home to some of the best baseball and football games and fans around. Sports fans make sure they attend in record crowds, with the Cranston Bowl stadium packed and the baseball scoreboards as the main focus for each point that’s gained. The Montgomery area has its roots that extend back to the colonial days of settlement and is actually built upon the land of two Native American tribes.
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