Newest Technologies for Today’s Electronic Scoreboards


Every time you attend a sporting event, whether large or small, the becomes the main focus on getting updates for the game. In the past, you would only see these kinds of technologies at the big games. The reason for that, of course, was cost. But that is all changing. Now, even the local junior high or high school can have the ability to have a sharp, clear and colorful electronic scoreboard for their sporting events.

As with any technology, the longer it remains on the market, the lower the cost becomes. The same thing is true with electronic scoreboards. The LED technologies are replacing the old bulbs and many of the recreational facilities, large and small, are switching out their old boards for the new ones. The latest trends also include some of the features that we have almost come to depend upon. Wireless is a hot requirement, along with smaller control panels for the people in charge of the updates.

The size, colors, advertising and sponsor abilities and the overall flexibility of the electronic scoreboard has come a long way. Today, a school can select from a number of choices that can not only work with any sporting event, but assist in paying for itself through advertising. Even if the cost of the scoreboard has been reduced, return on investment is a big consideration. The old idea of a scoreboard that simply gives the score has been replaced with the concept of an electronic scoreboard that can offer recurring income for the school and their teams.

Along with wireless are add-on features such as immediate internet feeds and updates to websites and social media. Smartphone apps that can be inexpensively added to the phone will give the absentee fan fast and easy access to view the game and/or the updates on the electronic scoreboard. Other features that can be included are streaming video, game floor to scoreboard views with mobile cameras and mobile control panels. Scoreboard manufacturers are more conscious of sustainability and the newer boards are offering solar energy power generation, combined with the LED technology.

The business of electronic scoreboards has progressed to the point where the manufacturers understand that a facility is often looking for a one-stop shopping experience. They want the best view, the best features, the best sound and the best lighting. Many of the quality manufacturers are teaming up with sound and lighting companies to give the customer exactly what they want. With the reduction in costs, the customer can now choose from a huge selection of options that are the best fit for their location.

So the next time you go to the local high school game or even a concert at the large arena in the city, check out the scoreboard. When the football is passed and a touchdown scored or the lead player of your favorite group gets front and center on stage, you will find yourself staring at the scoreboard, which has morphed into a multi-media portal.


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