Columbus, Georgia: History and Baseball


Columbus is a city that has gone from its early roots to a town with an incredible array of talent in business and sports. Over the years, the first interests started out as baseball, with games among the local citizens. Later, the business areas increased and the sports stadiums and fields advanced as well. From a field game of baseball with the baseball scoreboards alight, to a stadium packed with fans, this is a warm and welcoming American town.

Columbus. Georgia was founded in the early 1800’s and was based on its demographic location as the last usable road area before leaving the state. While it was named after famed explorer Christopher Columbus, the founders accomplished something quite unusual for the time with an actual city plan. The Chattahoochee River was the pipeline for everything outside of the area and the original town was to be located where the current city of Phenix City, Alabama currently stands. There was only one major hurtle that they had to overcome and this was the Native American Creek Indians.
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