High Tech isn’t for the Big Stadiums Anymore: High School Sports Scoreboards Really Rock

High School SportsWe are living in a society that has an incredible sense of high expectations for our technology. Smartphones and tablets bring immediate information and date, as it is happening around the world. This confidence has spread, so that even fans have access to home entertainment systems that once rivaled the best stadium presentations. The evolution of these technologies to bring sports fans out of their living rooms and into the bleachers has spread from the largest venues and is now becoming a more common scene in local high schools. The savvy choice of sports scoreboards has a multifunctional aspect that schools are taking full advantage of.

High school sports fans have always been supportive of their teams and schools, but the competition to bring in high level sponsorship increases exponentially without the ability to offer bigger, better and flashier venues. High Schools have recognized the challenge and made the decision to bring electronic video scoreboards as an addition to their fields and gyms to not only show support, but increase the school representation.

From California to Maine, the number of high schools that are adding high tech video sports scoreboards is increasing. Those that were mavericks in their decisions have already shown an incredible return on investment. To begin with, the addition of a video sports increases the viability of the school being selected by other county and state groups for competition games. The schools with the highest technology offerings will attract new games.

Beyond just the addition of new athletic competitions, is the added sponsorship. While high school sponsors have historically been very supportive, the new video and higher tech options are a lot more attractive to get their advertising message out. This brings additional revenue to the schools and elevates the advertising budget for a sponsor to make their school a high priority choice.

A very high priority concept in the addition of a high tech video scoreboard for the school is in the offering of technology courses to help support the project. Students will learn real-life challenges and knowledge base in the creation and use of scoreboard video, multimedia and website streams. When combined with the photography and movie courses, students can participate with an experience level that they might only find in the outside world as an intern. These students can graduate and land on their feet with a higher level of expertise than most of the others, which gives them an edge in college and work life.

The return on investment for electronic video score boards for the high school is very clear. Athletic boards are now examining the positive results that other schools have experienced in choosing a high tech electronic scoreboard and, as technology demands increase, they are quickly making the move to add a new scoreboard for their school.

The days of viewing the best screens only at your big sports game stadiums is now a thing of the past. Today, the fans of the high school can enter the field or gym with technology expectations not only met, but exceeded. The pride of the school encompasses the fact that the students can create and control the scoreboard content and that is enough to make any parent, teacher and school very proud.

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