When Sports Cheerleading Goes Wrong

cheerleading basketballThe topic of sports injuries has been escalating over the last number of years, specifically due to the long term major head injury problems that football players experience. It is odd that a focus was never placed on sports injuries in the past, when we had lower technology sports protection gear. Cheerleading doesn’t have protective sports equipment, so when there is an injury, it can be pretty severe.

1982-1983 introduced a study by the NCCSIR (The National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research), covering both collegiate and high school sports injuries. Strangely, cheerleading was not included in that study, until there were two severe head injuries suffered by cheerleaders that just so happened in the same year as the study.
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World Series Trivia: Just when You Thought you Knew it All!


It seems that we Americans just can’t get enough details and trivia when it comes to our World Series games. It has gone beyond a passion and entered into obsession. There are collectors that deem themselves experts on the World Series topics and collect everything from regular memorabilia all the way to electronic scoreboards. Here is some information that may surprise you, and at least add to your own trivia collection.

The first World Series game was played in 1903. The team known as the “Boston Americans” won the game.
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The Best and: ‘What were They Thinking’ in College Basketball Cheerleading Uniforms

basketball-cheerleadingAny fan will tell you that there are many nuances involved in a college basketball game. Beyond the game itself, are the players (and the favorites), the build-up on the electronic scoreboard, and of course the continued excitement generated by the cheerleaders and dancers. The latter can take a game that could be ho-hum, and pull it up to a reveled area of frenzy. While fans are focused on the people, there is a subliminal view of the uniforms and outfits. These can make or break a cheerleading team, and therefore there is a lot of competition when it comes to design, look and color. Some of the college basketball cheerleading uniforms are winners and some are rather questionable.
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World Cup Footwear: the Billion Dollar Battle in Brazil

soccer footwearSports footwear is big business, and pretty much dominated by the two behemoths, Adidas and Nike. The two giants are in the midst of a battle to have their names and logos on everything that relates to the World Cup. The winner will appear on uniforms/kits, all the way to electronic scoreboard ads. The quest to be the top brand is an ongoing marketing war between the historic name of Adidas and the newcomer, Nike.
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Top Things You didn’t Know about Some of the Top World Series (and may be Surprised At)


American baseball continues to top the sports arena as most popular. Around the world, baseball is the all-time American sport and stands up there in status with apple pie and hot dogs. There are, however, some rather interesting facts about this favored game that only those true aficionados are aware of.

The 1971 World Series game stands out as a game-changer. It was the first official World Series game that was played at night. This also brought about changes for all electronic scoreboards needed and used for future World Series games.
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Asia’s Love Affair with Basketball: Proving Might Outweighs Height


The competitive nature of the Asian communities is exemplified in their intense love and attitude for sports. Basketball, is by far, one of the top four favorite sports in Asian culture and there have been some controversies as to how and why it became so popular.

Many Americans seem to believe that the excellent playing of China’s top player, Yao Ming, in the 2,000’s, catapulted basketball to the front of the fray for Asian sports. While there is no doubt that Yao’s fame is top notch in China, he is not followed in the rest of the Asian countries as a main reason for their love of basketball. If you look at the number of basketball jerseys worn by fans, you will by far see more of LeBrons, Jordan and Kobe shirts, than anything else.
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Innovation Legacy

Electro-Mech brings you the world of electronic scoreboards with the expertise and knowledge of quality manufacturing since 1963. We focus on your needs and requirements, through the creation of our product, one scoreboard at a time. The Electro-Mech name is associated with unparalleled quality and our ability to address each sports need and customer. Each of our electronic scoreboards is fashioned from customer consultation and the experience in making sure our clients get the best purchase with the highest level of value.
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Venice Florida Middle School Boasts Electronic Scoreboard

Venice Florida is a working class town, nestled in what is often called ‘the pretty side of the state’. Located on the Gulf Coast, about an hour south of Tampa, Florida, Venice is a small town with a lot of spirit. When the Venice Florida Middle School decided to add an electronic scoreboard, it was quite a big deal in the area.

A trip to Venice Florida is something that many people actually do for their vacation. Some of the loveliest beaches in the country are in Sarasota County and the area is renowned for the beaches that are filled with shark’s teeth. Unlike some other areas of the country, it’s quite easy to find a parking spot near the beach for your outing, barbecue or to just lay a towel down in a large expanse and take in the beauty of the area. Like other smaller towns, Venice attempts to keep the kids occupied with educational, artistic and sports related focus. The parents, teachers and booster clubs of Venice Middle School know and understand that the age of their kids is the beginning of keeping them on the right path, and sports is often the one event that can bond everyone together. It’s not uncommon to see a two parent working household take the time off from their day to attend the sports games of the kids. Teachers and staff at Venice Middle School are also major participants in supporting the kids. This is a town where everyone tries to make the time because they know their kids are the priority.
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Sports Scoreboards: Continuing the Adventure

Stadium DesignWhile some of us may remember the days when a large scoreboard actually created the structural look of a stadium (as in the case of the Angels Stadium in California), the evolution of electronic scoreboards has made drastic changes in the last fifteen years.

The dynamics of the electronic era has jumped from the standard bulb displays to the latest in high tech LED. The introduction of the LED lights not only offered brighter, crisper and more exciting colors, but are a savings in the previous electricity hog lights. This jumpstarted a whole new line of interests in technology. An electronic scoreboard started to be viewed as more than just a place-for-a-score-update, but became an icon of visibility with sponsorship views in more graphic formats.
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Which electronic scoreboard is best for your school?

There is an ocean of electronic scoreboard companies out there, all proclaiming that their products are the best. If you have been given the assignment of getting your school a new scoreboard, you know the right decision can make you a hero and the wrong one can drive you out of town. Here are a few things to consider when narrowing down the field to the right scoreboard for your school.

Doing your homework on the scoreboard manufacturer is the first thing to look at. A good manufacturer should have a record of longevity. They should also offer versatility in sports venues and have a consulting group that works with you. Some may offer a no frills, lesser cost choice, but if something goes wrong, you are on your own. A reliable and well established electronic scoreboard manufacturer will work with you as you make your choice.
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