Innovation Legacy

Electro-Mech brings you the world of with the expertise and knowledge of quality manufacturing since 1963. We focus on your needs and requirements, through the creation of our product, one scoreboard at a time. The Electro-Mech name is associated with unparalleled quality and our ability to address each sports need and customer. Each of our electronic scoreboards is fashioned from customer consultation and the experience in making sure our clients get the best purchase with the highest level of value.

As a leader in the electronic scoreboard industry, we ensure that each and every innovation is tested, tried and true. The mainstay philosophy behind the Electro-Mech scoreboards is longevity. The new era of LED has catapulted the concept of the sports scoreboard into an entertainment arena. The demand for the highest quality, versatile electronic scoreboards is always complimented with the best leading edge technology. State of the art scoreboard functions have changed and the Electro-Mech scoreboards now offer the flexibility that you need. Today’s scoreboards are wireless with real time programming. Colors, lights, sounds, advertising and camera downloads bring a world of immediacy to the game and the field. Sponsorship is one of the biggest concerns and Electro-Mech offers the ability of altering sponsor ads into a true artistic creation. .jpg’s as well as internet content and DVD’s gives the scoreboard operator the control they need. The technologies of today require fast downloads, so the up-to-the-minute information is transformed and transmitted at the controllers fingertips.

The construction of the scoreboards themselves is of ultimate consideration. Indoor or outdoor scoreboard selections, LED’s are rated with 100,000 life hours with conformal coating on all outdoor LED displays; color selections to match your team or school; all aluminum construction ensures longevity excellence with a baked on automotive grade enamel base paint; easy of maintenance, 100% synchronization of all systems with multiple displays offered, a simplified user interface, Heavy stroke captions are designed for maximum legibility, consultants work with customers at every turn; no hidden costs; unlimited toll free technical and consultation support.

Your sporting event is the attraction for fans, friends and team members and your scoreboard is a direct reflection of your identity. We understand the needs and demands of today’s sports fans as well as the type of scoreboards required to give your team that pizzazz factor. Choosing a scoreboard must accommodate technology, visual and audio power and sponsorship. Electro-Mech electronic scoreboards bring a world of innovation legacy by offering an exhilarating, fun and exciting scoreboard to your school or stadium. Our spirit is based on experience and history and our attitude is to present you with the highest and best quality technology that will be the pride of presentation for years to come. We offer uncompromised solutions and bring our expertise to our customers and then to your fans. Electro-Mech electronic scoreboards are all about quality, high-tech and making sure our customers receive superior attention for their ultimate scoreboard experience. The Electro-Mech name is a name based on innovation legacy.

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