21st Century Scoreboards: The full experience

Technology is moving at lightning speed and we are in a constant run to keep up with it. Beyond just the latest gadgets, we are a society that is eager to ‘connect’ in every way possible. Some psychologists have offered views that our constant state of knowing has placed an added stress never before seen in our society. They recommend that we allow ourselves some down time. One of the most popular stress relievers remains attending a favorite sport competition. This is a time we can have a more personal connectivity and enjoy our favorite teams. The role of the electronic scoreboard has surpassed all expectations as a zone of attention and the 21st century is bringing the scoreboard to the fans as a personal experience.

Most of us take the scoreboard for granted. As the years have passed, we have seen it evolve from a hand held device to keep us updated on the teams score to a colorful LED display with automatic updates and commercials. The electronic scoreboard has entered into this century with a roar – adding visual effects, real time video, and music and offering the marketing groups a pure branding environment. The demand by our society for more continues the challenge for electronic scoreboard manufacturers. Larger sized scoreboards, coupled with high quality sound has given us an almost real-time, on the field experience. Mechanics have been replaced with programmers and graphic designers. So what do we have to look forward to in the next twenty years?
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Electronic Scoreboards: They’re everywhere

Electronic ScoreboardsYou don’t have to go to Vegas to see everything in lights anymore. The truth is, the lowly electronic scoreboard has surpassed even the manufacturer’s anticipated results. We are delightfully bombarded with the latest technology in scoreboards at every turn, and the promise of the future looks like this trend will continue.

If you drive down the street of any mid-sized town or city, you are bound to see electronic scoreboards. Oh, you may not recognize them as such, but they are there. Electronic scoreboards have made a splash in the stadiums and arenas, but they have been taken into our daily lives as well. The local church has a streaming feed of congratulations to the home town high school team with their winning score of last night’s game. The stadium is lit, even in the dead of night, with the concert announcements and video of excitement to come. Sponsors of a larger sports game will have their ads beautifully lit at their location, announcing an anticipated contest for attendees.
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Designing the best electronic scoreboard ads

There’s no denying that we are surrounded by advertising and marketing via more venues than ever before. In the old days, we were limited to television, radio and billboard. The technology stream has opened up the worlds of the internet websites, social media and now even our smartphones. With the entire marketing buzz, it is often a conundrum when you are trying to design creative and imaginative advertising for your electronic scoreboards.

The general public is fairly savvy when judging the difference between a good ad and a bad one. One example of the demand for good ads is the incredible popularity of Super Bowl ads. There are people that may not be football fans, but they will go online just to view that year’s ingenuity in advertising.
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Electronic Scoreboard: Major item on every team’s wish list

Electronic ScoreboardEach new school year the Director of the Sports Department has a meeting to review the needs of the various teams. Everything is examined: from uniforms to the condition of the field or stadium. As each sports team regroups for the season, they will also add their input for what they feel is needed for the success of the year. On the top of the list is the electronic scoreboard.

It is now common place to attend any game and see a scoreboard. Every team, whether indoor, outdoor, home or away is very aware of the affect a scoreboard can have on the game. In today’s competitive arena, a sports team has to market themselves in the same branding of excellence as any other product. There are too many high quality media sources to offer alternatives to attendance and support, and the team needs a good electronic scoreboard to bring the fans in.
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Electronic Scoreboards: A YouTube hit and viral

It is hard to believe that in the last five years, there has been so much of a technology jump. As a world society, we have made a leap from the net as an information source, to an entertainment resource. The universe of electronic scoreboards has been one of the top changes, morphing from a method to view a team’s score to hit videos on such sites as YouTube.

Sports fans have always pushed technology to move forward. Some of the first computer graphic commercials were designed for the Super Bowl. When the fans got a taste of those, they simply wanted more. With the advent of the net as a social media forum and the commonality of smartphones, the evolution of electronic scoreboards has kept up with the demand. The scoreboards are at a level of technology that they will often contain streaming video, sponsorship announcements and replays. These are both sent to a direct feed to the net as well as personally filmed on video with our cameras.
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The Changing Face of Electronic Scoreboards: From Manual to High-Tech

The changing face of electronic scoreboards: From manual to high techThere is an entire generation that has grown up not knowing what life was like without the internet, phone apps and high tech electronics. As a society, we have sped with lightning evolution into an age where everything can be viewed, communicated and shared, in an instant. In the U.S., the supply and demand channel for high tech has been backed by the hungry fans of our sports teams. We have progressed from a nation attending a hometown game with the old fashioned manual scoreboard to an expectation level of streaming, moment-by-moment updates on electronic scoreboards.
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The Effectiveness of Advertising on Electronic Message Boards and Electronic Scoreboards

During the holidays I went to a concert at a fairly large venue in Tampa. There is always a great amount of pre-concert anticipation and excitement. Upon walking up to the entrance, we viewed the beginning of sponsor advertising above the door, at the entrance and in small concession stands. After getting to our seats and settling in, we looked up and were mesmerized by the streaming messages and video. We were in awe and, effectively caught up in the electronic message board advertising. Whether you are attending a sports event or a concert, viewing a scrolling led display or electronic scoreboards, the stadium managers and sponsors know and understand the effectiveness of the new age of high tech advertising.
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Electronic Scoreboards Can Save Time and Money for Your Business

Electronic ScoreboardsElectronic Scoreboards are seen in every new stadium that has been built. The Dallas Cowboys’ new $1.4 billion stadium looks to have the largest scoreboard ever created, with it being completely digital and capable of showing high quality video to virtually every guest in attendance. Sports scoreboards for a long time have been regarded as an advertising tool for many businesses, with signs and banners plastered all over the older models that were well before the time of affordable digital design. Then came LED message boards which opened up a broad spectrum of possibilities for companies that sought advertisement space or those who wanted to be more creative in their methods of putting thoughts of product into the minds of those within reach. Its a game of exposure, and exposure is the prime focus of all advertising.
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History of Electronic Scoreboards Evolution Process

History Of Electronic Scoreboards Evolution Process_1

Electronic scoreboards have developed considerably since the original intent of the boards, which was simply do list the scores and time of a game in progress. For instance, Fenway has the Green Monster which is a great example of how scoreboards were originally designed. These were simple, sport specific tools for displaying game activity and score, operated by a scorekeeper who popped his head out of portholes to change tags by the inning. In other cases, a ladder was used and a scorekeeper would climb it to change the score each inning manually. Scoreboards maintained a basic rectangle or square shape for most sports, given than the design was the most efficient way for the game information to be displayed in its entirety.
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Baseball Scoreboards and Softball Scoreboards Types Review

  • Smart people research. There are several types of sports scoreboards out there, varying by model type, power source, size, portability and price
  • A balance between all of your needs is the most essential part of the decision making process for choosing equipment
  • Going cheap may look good on a balance sheet, but what about to the people who have to stare at the board during a game
  • A cheap electronic scoreboard that isn’t visible on a bright day does little good for advertising or score keeping

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