World Series Trivia: Just when You Thought you Knew it All!


It seems that we Americans just can’t get enough details and trivia when it comes to our games. It has gone beyond a passion and entered into obsession. There are collectors that deem themselves experts on the World Series topics and collect everything from regular memorabilia all the way to . Here is some information that may surprise you, and at least add to your own trivia collection.

The first World Series game was played in 1903. The team known as the “Boston Americans” won the game.

The team that has won the most World Series titles (so far) has been the New York Yankees. They continue to be the pride of New York, and have some of the most devoted fans around the country.

Effective in 2003, the decision for home field advantage in the World Series has been decided by the All-Star Game.

There was a sad time in World Series history when the game was actually boycotted. That year was 1904.

Another strange time in World Series history was 1919. This was the year that The Chicago White Sox had a conspiracy to actually throw the series.

In 1994, a players’ strike sent baseball fans into a turmoil. The strike continued and this was a year that we actually didn’t have a World Series game. Fans around the U.S. were severely let down, when they didn’t have a World Series game that year.

Some records that are set aren’t something to be proud of. One of these situations includes the only two teams that have lost three consecutive World Series games. The New York Giants and the Detroit Tigers are owners of this title.

The first expansion team that won a World Series game was the New York Mets.

The last time the National League had a World Series home field advantage was in 2001 (as per records from 2008)

We all know the World Series by that name, but there is a nickname given to the game: The Fall Classic.

Mickey Mantle, former Yankees right fielder, set the record for the most (18) career home runs and 50 RBI’s in World Series history.

Connie Mack, the Philadelphia A’s (changed to the Oakland Athletics) has a whopping 3,755 list of career victories. He set the record for more than any other baseball manager.
Although Pete Rose was banned from baseball due to betting on the games during the time while he was the team manager, he had also played for the Cincinnati Reds. During his player time he held the all-time record with 4,256 hits and 3,562 games played.

When you think of the word ‘dedication’ it definitely belongs to Cal Ripen, Jr., Baltimore Orioles shortstop. Cal didn’t miss a single game in sixteen years. He played a total of 2,632 consecutive games, starting April 30, 1982 and continuing to September 19, 1998. You can be sure that his name appeared on many electronic scoreboard displays.

Cooperstown, NY is the proud home of the National Baseball Hal of Fame and Museum. Opened in 1935, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of baseball.

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