Which electronic scoreboard is best for your school?

There is an ocean of electronic scoreboard companies out there, all proclaiming that their products are the best. If you have been given the assignment of getting your school a new scoreboard, you know the right decision can make you a hero and the wrong one can drive you out of town. Here are a few things to consider when narrowing down the field to the right scoreboard for your school.

Doing your homework on the scoreboard manufacturer is the first thing to look at. A good manufacturer should have a record of longevity. They should also offer versatility in sports venues and have a consulting group that works with you. Some may offer a no frills, lesser cost choice, but if something goes wrong, you are on your own. A reliable and well established electronic scoreboard manufacturer will work with you as you make your choice.

What type of playing area will you need the scoreboard for? An indoor gymnasium or stadium or outdoor field? Believe it or not there is a major difference between the two. Outdoor scoreboards must be designed to withstand the environment. Nothing looks worse than a weather-beaten scoreboard that needs to be replaced in a few years. The indoor variety will require working with a maintenance department for hardwiring and hookups. This will be a necessity for both safety and efficiency.

The location of your electronic scoreboard will also include size and shape. The scoreboard is now a true part of every game and event and should be situated where everyone can see it. Going too large or even too small can undermine all of the planning,

The newer now offer an incredible array of high tech choices. Besides ease of change for sponsor logos, you will also want an easy control box. Many offer a streaming video, as well as wireless options. Internet connectivity is important these days because you can send a feed to the web and social media pages. Sponsors like this because their ads and logo are shared with everyone. Talk to your manufacturer to see what your options are.

Making the choice of portable or permanent is another issue. If you have a lot of away games and want to bring the high tech with you. You might want to opt for a portable electronic scoreboard that can be set up for your home team games and easily transported to show school spirit for the away games.

Sponsorship is the income that helps pay for the team. The sponsor and advertising area should be large enough to get the message out to everyone that these are the companies supporting your team. Your electronic scoreboard manufacturing company will have suggestions as to percentage of sponsorship needed based on the size of the board and potential placement to make everyone happy.

You will also need to ensure that your scoreboard is cost effective when it comes to the topic of ‘going green’. Environmental considerations can include power needs as well as materials used to build. The LED scoreboards offer the most efficient investment while keeping your ‘footprint’ safer for the planet.

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