Top Things You didn’t Know about Some of the Top World Series (and may be Surprised At)


American continues to top the sports arena as most popular. Around the world, baseball is the all-time American sport and stands up there in status with apple pie and hot dogs. There are, however, some rather interesting facts about this favored game that only those true aficionados are aware of.

The 1971 game stands out as a game-changer. It was the first official World Series game that was played at night. This also brought about changes for all needed and used for future World Series games.

In 1985, Baltimore defeated the beloved Phillies in the World Series. The ‘Most Valuable Player’ was chosen: Rick Dempsey – who was the hottest player of that game.

The World Series of 1968 brought about a record for Bob Gibson, who struck out the Detroit Tigers 17 times in one game. The MVP for that series was Mickey Lolich.

In 1954, Willie Mays set the standard for his series greatest catch in game one. Vic Wertz, of the Indians, actually hit the ball in that series play.

Reggie Jackson is by far known for his 1977 game six, three homeruns. What is little known is that he hit all of the home runs on the first pitch.

Floyd ‘Bill’ Bevens, lost a no-hitter in 1947 in game 4, and thereby lost the game for the Yankees. It was Cookie Lavagetto, of the Brooklyn Dodgers, was the player that lost it for Bill.

Everyone knows that the Yankees have won an overall 26 World Series; more than any other team. Their first win, however, was actually in 1923, when they defeated the New York Giants (their arch rival). That was also the year for the grand opening of Yankee Stadium, in honor of their favorite baseball team.

The first World Series was won by a Boston team, who defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1903. At that time, the Boston team was known as the Pilgrims. Prior to that, in 1901 they were known as the Americans, but officially changed over in 1909 to the Red Sox.

The 1960 World Series brought a defeat in the game against the Bucs. Little known is the fact that Yogi Berra was playing Left Field for New York.

In 1934, The Cardinals were hot at the World Series. This was brought about by two brothers, Paul and Dizzy Dean, who were the winning pitchers in all four games for what was called ‘Gashouse Gang’ Cardinals.

The Boston Red Sox have not had a great record, when it comes to World Series standards. The last time they won in the Twentieth Century was in 1917. It is noteworthy, that they winning game before that was in 1906.

1980 was a good year for the Philadelphia Phillies. They won their first World Series, as they defeated the Royals. Electronic scoreboards across Philadelphia were lit up with the win.

In 1921, New York didn’t have a large stadium for the games to be played at. They did have a small ballpark called ‘Polo Grounds’, and it was there that fans could attend the Giants-Yankees games.

The New York Giants have the distinct honor of being the only team to play in 4 straight World Series, from 1921 through 1924.

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