Venice Florida Middle School Boasts Electronic Scoreboard

Venice Florida is a working class town, nestled in what is often called ‘the pretty side of the state’. Located on the Gulf Coast, about an hour south of Tampa, Florida, Venice is a small town with a lot of spirit. When the Venice Florida Middle School decided to add an electronic scoreboard, it was quite a big deal in the area.

A trip to Venice Florida is something that many people actually do for their vacation. Some of the loveliest beaches in the country are in Sarasota County and the area is renowned for the beaches that are filled with shark’s teeth. Unlike some other areas of the country, it’s quite easy to find a parking spot near the beach for your outing, barbecue or to just lay a towel down in a large expanse and take in the beauty of the area. Like other smaller towns, Venice attempts to keep the kids occupied with educational, artistic and sports related focus. The parents, teachers and booster clubs of Venice Middle School know and understand that the age of their kids is the beginning of keeping them on the right path, and sports is often the one event that can bond everyone together. It’s not uncommon to see a two parent working household take the time off from their day to attend the sports games of the kids. Teachers and staff at Venice Middle School are also major participants in supporting the kids. This is a town where everyone tries to make the time because they know their kids are the priority.

have come into a higher popularity in the high school scene, mainly due to the lowered costs. The school boards have recognized that a high tech electronic scoreboard also brings higher attendance to the games and an opportunity for sponsorship from the local retailers that support the teams. With the reduction in costs, many of the middle schools in the country are adding electronic scoreboards, and the fans (and sponsors) love it.

There is one main road that leads to Venice Middle School and if there is a hot game scheduled for that day, you will see a line of cars heading to the school that supersedes any other day. A visitor will take note of the usual sub-tropical weather, with an every day afternoon rainstorm that is only usual in the summer time. The school year in Venice Florida offers mostly good weather for outdoor games, but the fans will tell you that the indoor games are just as exciting. The electronic scoreboard that has been added to the school is a wonderful visual aspect of the kind of support that these kids have. While the residents may be used to living near the ocean, seeing some of the most beautiful sunsets in the country and having some of the best weather, the kids themselves know that the town and their families place are focused on their benefit. Every sport and event at the school is always covered in fanfare and attendance, and the electronic scoreboard is a wonderful feature for a school that puts a lot of effort and hard work into everything they do.


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