Murray County High School Football Traditions

If you are talking football you are probably in Chatsworth Georgia at Murray County High School. It seems like there is no where else in the country where the topic is serious and the games are a social event. This is a school that produces from ten to twenty draft selections a year to go on to College football. The Murray County High School Indians are one of the strongest proven football teams in the country, and they know it.

At first glance, Chatsworth Georgia is the kind of place you wish you had grown up in. While a smaller community, it immediately displays a sense of welcome. There is a story about how the town got its name. Apparently a train went by and dropped a sign labeled Chatsworth. Someone picked it up and put the sign on a post, and that became the name of the town. That’s probably the only thing about this locale that might be attributed to chance. There’s something unique about this place, because they have produced some of the finest football players of today.

If you talk to the Athletic Directory Mitch Holcomb or Coaches Michael Hill, John Hammond, Michael Kimsey and Matthew Legg, you will immediately understand why Murray County High School has winning football players. This is a serious game and their team, the Indians, play with all of the intensity of a high stakes professional team. They get the support of their community from sponsors, teachers, staff and The Touchdown Club. The are filled with the local sponsors that support the team. You can see the smiles on everyone’s faces when The Marching Indians, their school band, come out on the field. This band has performed nationally and literally brought the house down with their talent and incredible sound.

There is something about Georgia that focuses on excellence in football. The list of Georgia players that have played in Superbowl Games, is absolutely astounding: Danny Copeland,Washington Redskins; Myron Guyton, New York Giants; Guy McIntyre, San Francisco 49er’s; Fran Tarkenton, Minnesota Vikings; Mel Blount,
Pittsburgh Steelers; Tyrone Poole, New England Patriots; Rayfield Wright, Dallas Cowboys (played five Superbowls); Harris Barton, San Francisco 49er’s; Leonard Pope, Arizona Cardinals; Dan Reeves, Dallas Cowboys; Hines Ward, Pittsburgh Steelers; Bobby Walden, Pittsburgh Steelers; Bill Stanfill, Miami Dolphins; Deion Branch, New England Patriots; Jon Stinchcolmb, New Orleans Saints; Matt Stinchcolmb, Oakland Raiders, James Brooks, Cincinnati Bengals; Richard Dent, Chicago Bears; Shannon Sharpe, Denver Broncos; Otis Sistrunk, Oakland Raiders, Ray Guy, Oakland Raiders; Andre Hastings, Pittsburgh Steelers; Kevin Butler, Chicago Bears; Len Hauss, Washington Redskins; Jessie Tuggle, Atlanta Falcons; Willie Gault, Chicago Bears; Jason Elam, Denver Broncis; Jamal Lewis, Baltimore Ravens, James Butler, New York Giants; Philip Sam, New England Patriots; Willie Green, Denver Broncos; Jermain Phillips, Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Charles Grant, New Orleans Saints; Patrick Pass, New England Patriots, Leigh Torrence, New Orleans Saints; Nick Eason, Pittsburgh Steelers, Chris Gardocki, Pittsburgh Steelers; James Thomas, Pittsburgh Steelers; Jeff Saturday, Indianapolis Colts; Phillip Wheeler, Indianapolis Colts; Robert Mathis, Indianapolis Colts; Chris Reis, New Orleans Saints; Ernest Byner, Washington Redskins; Dexter Carter, San Francisco 49er’s; Fred Stokes, Washington Redskins; Bill Mathis, New York Jets; John McMakin, Pittsburgh Steelers.

In the center of all of the excitement in Chatsworth, you will find Murray County High School Indians football team. They are third in the Division A 7-AAAA regional playoffs and have proven total team spirit to get there. Attend any game and you will see the football scoreboards alight with the scores and the fans watch them with an intensity. There are high achievement goals set for this team, and they not only reach them but excel over the top, year after year. Murray County High School has a history of fine football playing and a future that will prove to be even better.

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