Pelham High School Basketball Team Just Can’t Get Enough of the Game!

Just outside of Birmingham Alabama is the sixth fastest growing community in the nation. Located in the foothills of Oak Mountain, it is picturesque in every way. A main theme of the community is supporting the local Pelham High School and its there, that you will find basketball fever. The fever is contagious because this area of the country just can’t get enough of the game and their favorite team. The Pelham High School Basketball Team has a mascot named ‘Paws” the panther. The colors of green and gold don’t just pervade the halls but are all over the town.

Very few towns start out with a totally different name. But, Pelham was originally known as Shelbyville. A quiet rural area with very little that was noted until after the Civil War. The town was renamed to honor one of the south’s favorite officers, Major John Pelham. Throughout the years and the incredible growth, Pelham has managed to keep a balance between society, nature and fun. This is a scenic area that offers Oak Mountain Park, fishing lakes, golf courses and more. Businesses are attracted to the area and there is a meshing of old southern charm with high tech life.

Pelham High School has had its job cut out for it in keeping up with the growing population and demands on the school system. They have accomplished this task with ease and grace, offering the best in academics and sports. Their Varsity and Junior Varsity color guards have competed in State competitions, their band travels all over the country to play and represent the high school in a variety of parades and marches.

The colors of Pelham High School are a symbol of pride for the town and the students. Basketball is a hot topic in this town and everyone turns out for the games. The teams are competitive and talented. Fans consist of everyone from students, school staff and parents to local business people and even former classmates. are a focus for everyone as the game moves with extreme intensity. There is always a flurry of green and gold with yelling and cheering for a point made. The basketball scoreboards shine with local patronage. Everyone wants to be known for supporting their team and all eyes move quickly from play to board to get an up to date score. You can feel the vibration of electricity with each play that occurs.

This town had a meager start with a change in identity, but there is no doubt that the people that live and grow here know who they are. This is a strong community with a sense of the American spirit. Pelham High School is filled with talented kids that are grounded and have a future filled with possibilities. It’s the kind of place and school that you wish you had grown up and if you’re in the mood for basketball, I think there’s still a little room on the bleachers.

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