Glynn County Recreation Dept. Serves Baseball in Brunswick, GA

Brunswick Georgia is steeped in a long and rich history. Known as the Gateway to the Golden Isles, it offers scenic beauty, lush landscapes and perfect Southern charm. The Glynn County Recreation Department compliments the true attitude of Americana. You see, in Brunswick, baseball is not just a sport; it’s a way of life.

Brunswick Georgia has had quite a history. Original inhabitants were drawn to the port for the business advantages and residents to the town for its charm and loveliness. As with many southern locations, post Civil War brought about a required evacuation, and the sorrows that came along with leaving their homes. The people of Brunswick are strong and resilient and they returned with a focus on the task of bringing their home town back to its former glory. There is a bustling waterfront and they have the honor of having the second largest collection of historic structures in Georgia. But the gently swaying Spanish moss and warm summer breezes shouldn’t fool you; this town is technologically savvy and even has a Facebook page.

The strength of Brunswick can be seen everywhere, but especially at the Glynn County Recreation Department. Athletics is a priority but, at Glynn County Recreation Department, baseball offers a sense of pride. Attendance of any game is filled with fans that are one hundred percent in support of the teams. The are alight with colors and brilliance. There is no shortage of sponsors, because everyone wants to be part of the game. Only the best field is made available to the teams and they are social events that bring out young and old alike. There are adult, youth, co-ed and church league games with all the fanfare and hoop la of a professional baseball stadium. Attendees look forward to seeing their neighbors and checking the baseball scoreboards for the latest hit and up to the minute statistics. The balmy ocean breezes keep the weather in perfect baseball form and draw crowds from all over the area.

The media is part of the baseball excitement. Between the DailyMe and The Brunswick News, you will always get an opinion, the latest play and the pix. Fans keep in contact with those that can’t attend using cell phone cameras and text messaging. Evening tournaments bring in not only Georgia teams, but teams from Florida and South Carolina. It is big news, for such a small community. But, like their ancestors, these people are ready and prepared for whatever life brings to them. Glynn County Recreation Department brings more tournaments to their area because of the high quality of the fields. The baseball scoreboards are top notch and high tech and are a highlight of every game. The baseball scoreboards are a connection between the players, the fans and the game itself.

There’s no where else most people would rather be on a summer evening, than a baseball game in Brunswick Georgia. It’s a slice of America’s home town attitude and people.

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