Valliant High School Team Shows How They Play Football in Oklahoma

Thoughts of the State of Oklahoma bring visions of wide open country and nature the way it should be. The communities of Oklahoma seem to have the sturdy diehard attitude of the Westward settlers that founded the state. The people overcame unbelievable odds to place their mark in history. This type of attitude is exemplified in Valliant Oklahoma and at the Valliant High School where a football game is more than just a game, it is who they are.

Valliant Oklahoma was originally part of the Native American Chocktaw tribe land. A community built on the advantages of having a cotton gin, it later became valued in the 1960’s when the Pine Creek Dam was built and people were drawn to the lake and the natural beauty of the land. The Weyerhaeuser Paper Mill brought another level of prosperity in the 1970’s and yet, the community never lost its main concept of friendly hospitality. Home of the Watermelon Festival, there is a sense of home town charm in this area.

In the center of attention is the Valliant High School. They are focused on education and sports, and make sure that the students have a good balance to prepare them for their future lives. Football is a major topic for the kids and the townspeople. Supporting their team is a necessity of life for them and you will see almost everyone at the games. Before the game starts people are excited and constantly glancing at the to see what information will be displayed and who this games sponsor is. Once the first kick is accomplished and the ball is in the air – there is a fever pitch of yelling and excitement. Eyes glance back and forth from field to the football scoreboards to make sure that they didn’t miss anything. Coach Brett Jones will be seen pacing, thinking and talking; to make sure everyone is performing at their best. Even after the game is over, people are sharing the experience, sending cell phone pictures to those that couldn’t attend and exiting with laughter and electricity still in the air.

Valliant High School is the epitome of the sense of adventure that existed from those that founded their community. They are grounded in the rich past and yet part of today’s high tech reality. Football is the outlet of fun and an expression of who they are. There is pride in their team and players, whether they are on top of the game or not. The Valliant High School football team feels the support that everyone shares. It spurs them on to perform better and simply be the best.

Maybe it’s the fresh air and clean living that they have in Oklahoma; maybe it’s their ancestors that carved out a home in a place where no one else lived; but the Valliant High School plays really good football and the people in the area love them for it.

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