Rabun County High School Basketball and Baseball Accomplishments

Tiger Georgia is a small town at the base of Tiger Mountain. Named after a Cherokee Indian Chief, it’s filled with peaceful views and lush forests. Their slogan is ‘where spring spends the summer’. It has the cozy, friendly atmosphere of a small southern town, but when it comes to sports, it’s another story. Rabun County High School is front and center in basketball and baseball and they won’t let you forget it.

Home of the Wildcats and Lady Wildcats, there is nothing quiet about this group. The Principal, Mark Earnest, will be the first one to start talking about their Wildcat Pride. The community stands strong with the high school teams. This is a place where the games are a reason for everyone to get together. and are always filled with the local sponsors. Teachers, staff and parents can be seen side by side with the students in support and cheering their favorite players on. Everyone is dressed or wearing some form of the school team colors of red and white.

No where else will you see players that exemplify excellent in the concept of team work. The lessons that they learn in the games will be taken with them throughout their lives. Girls and boys alike, play the games of basketball and baseball with a focus and a fever that reflects the name of their teams.

The State of Georgia produces some of the best sports figures in the country. Take one step in Tiger Georgia and you will be overcome by the beauty and the people. Whether you are driving or walking through the town, you will feel like you are in a cookie cutter piece of Americana. The friendly attitude of the residents and good old fashioned common sense is exuded everywhere you go. It’s obvious that this home grown attitude is reflected on the students at Rabun County High School. They are a blend of good academics, today’s tech savvy kids and the grounded location that they are raised in.

Culture and the arts are also encouraged at Rabun County High School. From their own rendition of the Renaissance Faire, to the publication of a book of poetry by Rabun County High School English Teacher, Mark Swanson; the fine blend of academics, sports and all things having to do with life is apparent there.

The school offers an array of sports: track, football, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf and soccer. And when you see these kids play, you know that they don’t consider it to be just a game. The game dates and times are plastered all around the school and on the net. Everyone keeps in contact with each other to coordinate travel arrangements for the away games, because they all plan on being there. There is nothing small town about these teams nor about the undying support from the residents. Rabun County High School has some of the best baseball and basketball players in the area and the teams compliment excellence in all areas. Local business people line up to list their names and store logos on the basketball scoreboards and baseball scoreboards.

So if you are ever visiting Tiger Georgia, don’t be overwhelmed by the beauty of the area because there’s something bigger going on at Rabun County High School sports teams.

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