Basketball Game in Madison County High School in Danielsville, GA.

There is a reason why the Cherokee Indians loved the Danielsville Georgia area. There is a sense of beauty and peace that pervades where ever you go.

Nestled in the heart of Madison County is the Madison County High School and they have added a touch of spice to the area with the fever of basketball.

Danielsville is the county seat of Madisonville County. Named after former President James Madison, the early settlers left a legacy of churches, trading places and cattle raising centers. A small town that beckons you to stay and rest a while, it’s the kind of place that you often hear about but rarely see anymore.

Amidst the quiet serenity of the countryside, Madison County High School is a hotbed of activity for basketball. This is a serious topic in the community and everyone turns out to support the team. When we hear the words high school basketball, we might think of the boy’s team; but at Madison County High School the girl’s basketball team is just as powerful as the boy’s team. These are not just the girls that you pass in the hall, but are a true faction of sports in every sense of the word.

If you happen to visit Danielsville during basketball game time, don’t be surprised if there are few people in the shops and stores. A walk into the gym will see absolute focus on the team and the . Full attention is a requirement, because these kids move fast and furious. Everyone supports the players, from parents and school staff to local businesses. Proud sponsor logos appear on the basketball scoreboards to show everyone who stands behind the players. Athletic Director, Randall Owens, has made sure that his teams get the kind of exposure they deserve and the sponsors are proud to be part of the process.

Team spirit is seen everywhere in Madison County High School. The basketball teams exhibit some of the finest team attitude and ethics anywhere. If you think this is small town America, you would be right. But the playing spirit of each of the members is comparable to the top sports teams in the U.S… Photos of hoop shots abound in the school and on the net. There doesn’t seem to be just one hot player, but entire teams of excellence.

The news media of the area attend all of the games, and invite the fans to send pictures and information through their PDA’s and cell phones. Basketball is a serious business in this area of Georgia and everyone wants to know the up to the minute scores. Technology and sports have blended to keep all who are fans, completely in the know.

So if you have a reason to visit Danielsville Georgia, stop and enjoy the beauty of the area but if you are arriving just before one of the basketball games, remember to get out of the way. These are serious fans and you just might find yourself caught up in the electric excitement of the moment.

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