How a high school is planning on getting their scoreboards for free

You have to admit, there are some pretty smart people at Romeo Community Schools in Michigan and Nancy Campbell, the Superintendent is leading the pack. Ms. Campbell is coordinating an all out effort to get new scoreboards for the school at no cost.

Romeo Community Schools has two rather old scoreboards in the gym at the high school. Circa 1959, to be exact. A schools scoreboard has a major affect on the overall morale of the school as well as the sports teams. An old fashioned scoreboard doesn’t motivate anyone and can actually lower attendance to games. Since there wasn’t any kind of budget allowed for scoreboard upgrade, it didn’t look to promising until Ms. Campbell came on the scene with the new idea.

The district has contacted a marketing company that has given an obligation to achieve a committed $45,000 in local and/or national advertising for the scoreboards in a 5 year agreement. This is the cost for the scoreboards. The marketing company has a proven history of success within this type of budget for raising the advertising and completion of the scoreboards within a 3-month period. Upon installation, the Romeo Community Schools will receive half of the revenue for the advertising during the remainder of the contract. Discussions are underway regarding the scoreboard expansion requirements that may be needed for the bigger advertisers and sponsors.

One of the major school concerns is the appropriate content for the advertising. Since the ads will be viewed by students, parents, teachers and the community, it was agreed that all advertising would be reviewed and approved by Ms. Campbell. This will ensure the best presentation and representation for all. There will be varying lengths of advertising display which will offer opportunities for a lesser cost to some of the smaller businesses.

The district will be responsible for all scoreboard maintenance after installation. The scoreboard manufacturer offers a five year warranty on some parts of the device with a three year warranty on other areas.

The guaranteed revenue stream will open the doors to the schools ability to entice additional advertisers after the five year agreement. By that time, there will be a proven return on investment, which is what sponsors want to see before they open their checkbooks. Additional opportunities will also be available for the school as they move into the higher tech needs of the students and parents.

Thanks to visionaries like Ms. Campbell at Romeo Community Schools, people are beginning to think outside the normal channels to not only maintain a standard of excellence for their schools, but gain improvements. Coordinated efforts to ensure the best advertising representation will enable future opportunities for the school.

The new scoreboards at the school will offer a fresh new enthusiasm for teams, fans and the sponsors themselves. I think Ms. Campbell’s creative genius has created a scenario where everyone wins in this game. In tough times, Ms. Campbell has proven that she and the Romeo Community Schools are survivors.

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