Electronic Scoreboard Pizzazz at Sarasota Florida Middle School

Sarasota Florida is well known around the country as having one of the most beautiful beaches. The sand at Siesta Key is as fine as baby powder and doesn’t retain the heat. The area is also known to attract tourists and the usual compliment of winter snow birds. The families that live in Sarasota are incredibly supportive of their school activities, and it came as no surprise when a new was added to Sarasota Middle School.

Much of the notoriety of the Sarasota Florida area has historically been placed on its location. Some of the loveliest areas in the country for sun and fun, with the local sports focus on the high schools. Sarasota Middle School, like many middle schools in the country, used to come in second to the dollars that were devoted to fund the sports for the upper schools. But this story is changing. The cost of such items as electronic scoreboards, combined with the professional management of the manufacturers now offer the lower and middle schools the opportunity to have the same kind of visual and audio presentations as the scoreboards in the upper schools.

The Sarasota schools have a variety of supportive events. Many of the kids from Sarasota Middle School excel in the sciences, arts and music. This is proven with the many entries into the science fair and the many winners of that come from Sarasota Middle School. Parents, teachers and staff go above and beyond the call of duty in supporting the efforts of the kids in sports as well. The addition of an electronic scoreboard at Sarasota Middle School was an incredible journey and the scoreboard gives the kids and game attendees the kind of pizzazz that they might normally only expect in upper school games or even the professional stadiums.

Academics are a priority at Sarasota Middle School, and they struggle to balance the high demand for FCAT scores to maintain educational excellence. As with many schools, the Board of Education understands that there must be a balance between academics and the interests that will take their kids into success for the real world. This includes the concept of team playing and nothing offers those experiences as do the variety of sports games and teams. The electronic scoreboard that was added to Sarasota Middle School not only offers the high tech visuals for the games, but demonstrates the support for the kids and the teams. Each event that is held at the school gives the local sponsors and retailers the chance to display their ads and the marketing dollars gives the school a continuing revenue stream to help pay for and maintain the scoreboard and other well-needed school items.

If you have a chance to visit Sarasota Florida, don’t be surprised at the banners, signs and messages that you see around the town. They take their support for their kids very seriously and nothing says it more than giving the kids the kind of technology that will spur them forward to excellence.


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