Rockdale County High School: Fighting Bulldogs Baseball

When you enter Conyers Georgia you will probably see signs that say Beware of the Dog. They are, of course, referring to the Fighting Bulldogs of Rockdale County High School. The students take their baseball seriously and the game is part of their lives. This may be surprising for a small Georgian town like Conyers Georgia. To outsiders their fervor might raise eyebrows but if you are part of their team you are intertwined in the loyalty that is part of the philosophy and lifestyle.

The area currently known as Conyers was once a borderline between the Native American Muscogee and Cherokee tribes. Previously known as the Great Indian Road, it is now referred to as Hightower Trail. As time and progress moved forward, the railroad wanted to build through the area, but local resident and blacksmith, John Holcomb refused to sell his land. The town is named after a banker, Dr. W.D. Conyers that convinced Holcomb to sell and eventually create the town of Conyers.

You might think that Conyers is just another budding small town area in Georgia. But you would be wrong to underestimate the people. They have a love of the arts and a love of baseball. They have produced such notable actors as Dakota Fanning, Elle Fanning, Deforest Kelley (Dr Leonard “Bones” McCoy of Star Trek) and sports professionals like famed baseball players David Elder and Toby North; World Cup soccer player Clint Mathis; professional track runner Curtis James and football’s Jesse Baker.

Rockdale County High School is the center of all of the flurry and action. They pride themselves on the dignity of the south and the American strength. Nothing says America like baseball and the Fighting Bulldogs are examples of this attitude. Attending the baseball games are not a choice, it’s simply something that you do. Supporting the teams is what the local businesses do. The sponsors love seeing their logos on the knowing that their local community sees their names and recognizes their loyalty to the team.

The students at Rockdale High School take their support to levels that are over the top. Dressing in the team colors, painted faces and signs are all over the school, cars and community. They combine the fun and adventure of the game with the total commitment to academics and learning. The fun is carried further when the students cheer at each hit and eyes are glued to the baseball scoreboards to see if they missed anything.

There is something to be said about the excited mummer of the crowd, the screams of excitement and sound of ball hitting bat on a balmy afternoon. When it comes to going to a baseball game where the fever hits the moment, Conyers Georgia and Rockdale County High School has it all wrapped up. So take heed to the sign and Beware of the Dog. Baseball is very serious stuff in this town, and they won’t let you forget it.

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