How kicking lost its way in American football

How Kicking Lost Its Way In American Football

In football scoreboards news, we look at the history of American football, and how it led to the marginalization of kicking in the modern game.

In every type of football kicking the ball is an important element of the game. In association football (Soccer), Australian football, Gaelic football, and rugby football (the forefather of American football), kicking the ball is a vital way to score points, and to advance to the end zone.
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Why are there only 3 downs in Canadian football?

Why Are There Only 3 Downs In Canadian Football?

In football scoreboards news, we look at the history of football and why Canadian differs from American football in this important way.

The CFL has just a rich history as the NFL. Its origins can be traced back to the 1860’s when rugby football was played in Canada. Over the decades, as in American football, Canadian football slowly formed into the game we know today. The first gridiron match was played in Toronto in 1861, and it quickly took off in popularity. The development of the game at the beginning practically mirrored that of in the US, but a bit later on the relevant associations started making independent decisions and some different rules were adopted.
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The risk of injury in football – is it really worth it?

The Risk Of Injury In Football – Is It Really Worth It?

In football scoreboards news, we will look at the scandal of head injuries in football, and ask the question, should parents be letting their children play the game?

The game of football in the US is all about money. Even the most avid fans are really waking up to this and becoming aware of its negative consequences. Nowadays, a player can suffer from a concussion, and just minutes later be back on the field of play. The team owners and coaches are only supporting about this, as they are just thinking about money.
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Watch the NFL for free via live streaming!

Watch The Nfl For Free Via Live Streaming!

In football scoreboards news, we will look at watching the NFL via live streaming.

Streaming online has enabled fans who are not able, or not willing to fork out the cash for the TV NFL package in the US. The main negative of streaming is that, no matter how fast your internet connection is, the picture will at times freeze and frames will skip. This is not a major problem though, as long as it does not happen right at a crucial point of the game! On the plus side, and this is a huge plus, you can watch any NFL game of your choosing for free. In addition, providing that you have an Internet connection, you can watch the games from anywhere.
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The new NFL Rules for 2010-2011

The New Nfl Rules For 2010-2011

With the NFL season just underway, football scoreboards news has outlined what to expect this season in terms of rule changes. In the NFL meetings, which were held last week, the majority of the suggested rule changes were approved, and they are summarized below.

The overtime rule – Even if the opposition team scores a field goal in sudden death, the other team will get one chance to score. The team will then go for touchdown on the first possession, and if they manage this, the game is over. If both teams score field goals, then the previous sudden death rule will apply, in which the first team to score will win outright.
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Best NFL team never to have won the Super Bowl – part 2

Best Nfl Team Never To Have Won The Super Bowl – Part 2

Green Bay in 1996: A great 13-3 season and winner of the NFC, Green Bay performed brilliantly in 96. Their QB Brett Favre won the MVP for the 3rd season in a row. Green Bay played in San Francisco in the NFC Championship Game, and the football scoreboards showed a 23-10 victory. However, they were denied their second championship in a row when the unfancied underdogs, the Broncos, shocked them in Super Bowl XXXII.

St. Louis in 2002: A fantastic regular season, with the football scoreboards showing 14-2 in their favour. They became the first (and still only) team in the illustrious history of the NFL to score more than 500 points 3 years in a row. Their start player, Kurt Warner won his second MVP in 3 years. Marshall Faulk reached over 2100 yards from scrimmage. They were expected to walk through Super Bowl XXXVI, and to establish themselves as THE team for the 2000’s. However, the opposing team: the Patriots, who were lead by a rookie-starting QB that no one knew about, had other plans, and they spoiled the party in St.Louis.
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Best NFL teams not to have won the Super Bowl – Part 1

Best Nfl Teams Not To Have Won The Super Bowl – Part 1

In a football scoreboards feature, we will dedicate this article to fantastic NFL teams throughout the ages, who for one reason or another did not win the grandest prize of them all.

The Dolphins in 1984: In Super Bowl XIX, the Dolphins were given a lesson by the 49ers, with the football scoreboards showing 38-16. This was, however, after the Dolphins had destroyed almost every team it had come across that year. Their record for the season was 14-2, and they had racked up an impressive 513 points. 84 had really been a great year for the team. It was the first season for Dan Marino, and it was one of the best QB seasons the NFL had ever seen. He threw a record 47 touchdown passes, which destroyed the previous record of 36. His 5084 passing yards record for one season has still to be beaten, 25 years later.
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The 5 worst NFL teams ever to have embarrassed the game

The 5 Worst Nfl Teams Ever To Have Embarrassed The Game

Here are what are quite possibly the worst teams ever to have embarrassed themselves on the gridiron, listed in no particular order.

Football scoreboards terrible team 1 – Miami Dolphins: 2007: 1-15-0
I’m sure that most fans will agree that the performances of this team in 2007 were some of the worst ever seen in the NFL. During the season, off field scandals hampered the team, as four of the players were arrested for various offenses. After this, Cam Cameron was brought in and he was the 7th head coach in the team’s history. Straight away, he fired 7 out of the 11 existing coaches, and got rid of a large number of worthless players, such as McMichael and Morris. The record of one win and 15 losses at least had one win on it. This was against the Baltimore Ravens in overtime.
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The 5 best NFL quarterbacks ever

The 5 Best Nfl Quarterbacks Ever

Here are the 5 best quarterbacks in history, all of whom have been ranked by efficiency and stats on football scoreboards.

1.Dan Marino.
He was the Miami Dolphins quarterback for seventeen seasons and broke almost every possible record. His accuracy and arm strength stood out over his entire career. However, even though the football scoreboards were on fire with Dan Marino’s phenomenal stats, he had to carry the burden of being known as one of the best quarterbacks who has never won the Super Bowl. Therefore Marino’s legacy and rank among all quarterbacks will be questioned due to this lack of post-season success. However, his stats do prove that he is the best quarterback who has ever graced the game.
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The Best Wide Receivers the NFL has ever seen.

The Best Wide Receivers The Nfl Has Ever Seen.

The wide receiver must have great hands, great intuition, and fantastic speed. He must also have good concentration, as he has a wide variety of routes that he could run, and his QB needs to be able to get the ball out fast to him. The wise receivers get a lot of media attention, as they are the ones who score the big touchdowns that are replayed over and over again on the sports highlights. The wide receiver position is one of the most prominent and important positions, and many great players have fulfilled its role down the years.
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The best games from the NFL in last decade

The Best Games From The Nfl In Last Decade

February 1st, 2009. Super Bowl XLIII: Steelers vs Cardinals 27-23.
The amazing tip-toe catch by Santonio Holmes has been replayed thousand of times. However, if the play had not been made, it would have been 64-yard touchdown from Larry Fitzgarald. The game will also always be remember for the 100-yard interception return, and for the football scoreboards showing a 13-point comeback by the Cardinals in the fourth quarter.
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Top 5 NFL rookies for the next season

Top 5 Nfl Rookies For The Next Season

Football scoreboards around the country will be showing the names of these 5 star rookies next season:

Eric Berry, SS, Chiefs

Kansas City’s safeties had great difficulties last season. They rolled over for 327 yards to Kevin Kolb, 298 yards to the relative unknown Jerome Harrison , 250 yards to Miles Austin, and 262 yards to Jamaal Charles.
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The 2010 Top 25 NFL Prospects from the Senior Class

The 2010 Top 25 Nfl Prospects From The Senior Class

Which players will the NFL football scoreboards be showing soon?

Prince Amukamara – CB – Nebraska – 7.3: Amukamara is NFL big, at 6 feet and 201 pounds, and he uses this size to shut down opponents regularly. Over the past two seasons he has shown terrific improvement and as a result the scouts are very excited about him.
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Jake Locker and Christian Ponder – who is the best?

Jake Locker And Christian Ponder - Who Is The Best?

Jake Locker from Washington and Christian Ponder from Florida State are in a dead heat for the top rating amongst quarterbacks, but they are very different prospects and possess completely different skill sets. Christian Ponder has been called more NFL ready even though he does not possess the prototypical size of a quarterback, whilst Jake Locker has fantastic physical skills, a very strong arm and is very quick. What everyone agrees on is that both these players are incredible prospects and NFL football scoreboards across the nation will be showing their name in the near future.
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Best NFL Stadium scoreboards

Best NFL Stadium Scoreboards

When it comes to NFL stadium scoreboards, the absolute best so far is the one at the new Cowboys stadium in Dallas, Texas. This is the only scoring equipment in the league which is center hung, and it is also the most impressive and largest as well. The board equipment cost twenty five million, and the video additions added more than ten million more to the final costs. The length of the scoreboard is massive at over sixty yards long. The screen also includes the biggest 1080 pixel display anywhere in the world. Because of the size and impressive technology used, this one is at the top of the list concerning the best NFL stadium scoreboards, and there is not currently any other board in the world that can compare.
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Football Stadium Advertising on Scrolling LED Displays

Football Stadium Advertising

Football fans are some of the most loyal in the world. Advertisers have known this for decades and proudly lend their name to sponsorship of the local, college or state football teams. The football stadium advertising has grown exponentially, from the flip over or peg board score boards to today’s scrolling led displays. It has, in essence, become another high expectation visual display that the fans have come to expect.
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Football Scoreboards and Football Scoring System

Football Scoring System

Football scoreboards are an important part of the sport, and this equipment make football games more appealing and enjoyable for the fans that come to cheer their team on. Buying a new football scoring system which meets all your requirements does not have to be difficult or confusing when you use Electro-Mech for your sport scoring needs. Electro-Mech has close to fifty years of experience in the electronic scoreboard industry, and offers the finest scoreboards and most modern technology you will find anywhere. Customers and clients are treated like extended family, and close attention is paid to your needs and requirements so that the right scoreboard is chosen every time. A new football scoring system is a big decision, and a major investment, so careful thought needs to be given to all aspects of this equipment before you buy.
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History of The American Football Hall of Fame

American Football Hall Of Fame

The history of the American Football Hall of Fame goes back decades. The idea was first created in 1962, thanks to an editorial campaign by the Canton, Ohio Repository newspaper. City leaders had won the honor as the designated site for the National Football League Hall of Fame. The construction on the hall was started on August eleventh of the same year, and the public opening was held on September 7, 1963. The Hall of Fame contained nineteen thousand square feet and covered two buildings. On the opening day there were seventeen players inducted into the Hall of Fame.
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Cheap Football Scoreboards: What Not to Look for When Buying a Football Scoreboard

Cheap Football Scoreboards

At every high school and college you go to you will almost always see in the auditorium or at the field a huge customized scoreboard. Some schools go through a lot of trouble to have a nice scoreboard that is decked out with advertisements and their school mascot or colors. Schools and teams take a lot of pride in their scoreboard which is why cheap football scoreboards are not a wise investment. Although seemingly insignificant an electronic football scoreboard has an impact on the school or organization that is greater than its simple ability to tell time and score. The scoreboard brings fans to the edge of their seats and reassurance to players on the field. A proper electronic football scoreboard brings morale and spirit to a team and its fans. That is why cheap football scoreboards are not your best bet by any means. Don’t just get something because it is cheap. If all you are looking for is cheap football scoreboards and football scoreboard prices, then ignore everything I tell you and get whatever suits your budget. However if you are on a budget yet care about your team and the things invested in them, then take these helpful tips and find your organization a spectacle guaranteed to boost their spirit and impress people.
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