Effectiveness of Football Stadium Advertising

Sports’ marketing has been occurring since the first sponsor put up a copy of their logo next to the team name. Any sports enthusiast will tell you that there is a special level of respect for those advertisers that sponsor their favorite team. The effectiveness of football stadium advertising depends upon the type and quality that is chosen. Poor marketing can do damage to a perfectly excellent team and their sponsors. Good advertising can create a loyal following.
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Football Stadium Advertising on Scrolling LED Displays

Football Stadium Advertising

Football fans are some of the most loyal in the world. Advertisers have known this for decades and proudly lend their name to sponsorship of the local, college or state football teams. The football stadium advertising has grown exponentially, from the flip over or peg board score boards to today’s scrolling led displays. It has, in essence, become another high expectation visual display that the fans have come to expect.
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The Most Effective Stadium Advertising: Scoreboards Advertising

Scoreboards AdvertisingIn the world of information overload, we are all simply turned off by the constant push of advertising in our face. I know I turn the volume down on a television commercial because it’s designed to assume you are leaving the room. The quality of advertising is also something to be desired. But in the world of stadium advertising, it is the complete opposite! Billboard advertising in the sports world has become such an art that it is part of the game experience that fans actually look forward to.
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Scoreboard Video Display: A Waste of Money or A Wise Investment?

Scoreboard Video DisplaySports scoreboards are available in a myriad of venues nowadays. For the team manager that is on a limited budget, they may be tempted to choose the less expensive scoreboards. The most notable are the scoreboards that offer video display advertising. Is it a waste of money or a wise investment? There are a lot of the cheap ones out there, but, the adage of you-get-what-you-pay-for is incredibly true. And the truth is that good quality scoreboards can be viewed as an investment, and here is why.
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