Effectiveness of Football Stadium Advertising

Sports’ marketing has been occurring since the first sponsor put up a copy of their logo next to the team name. Any sports enthusiast will tell you that there is a special level of respect for those advertisers that sponsor their favorite team. The effectiveness of depends upon the type and quality that is chosen. Poor marketing can do damage to a perfectly excellent team and their sponsors. Good advertising can create a loyal following.

A study done by CAB Abstract found that based on their findings, sports facilities are ideal mediums for products that appeal to sport spectators. A majority of spectators noticed advertising, and approximately 7 out of 10 correctly identified it. Advertising locations that were ‘part of the game’ were more effective.

Becoming ‘part of the game’ has been the next jump in the technology world. Football stadium advertising is a high level arena. The better the advertising technology, the more the fans will notice it. have become the hottest entry into all stadium advertising.

The latest in technology brings the fans eyes to the scoreboard as they feast on visual entertainment, the likes of which they only see on the internet or big screen movies. Colors, logos, branding, comedy, up-to-the-second score updates. Streaming messages are now a part of the excitement of each passing minute of the game. Football fans are glued to the scoreboard as they recognize the sponsors and view high def video.

Stadium builders are now looking to the positioning of the scoreboard as a primary consideration when engineering the stadium itself. Football stadium advertising has entered the 21st century and every fan and advertiser alike understands this as an opportunity. For fans – it is their connection or link to their team and players, for advertisers, it is the method to change that 7 out of 10 – to 10 out of 10 correctly identifying their brand and name.

Spectators have come to expect the quality of advertising at the football stadium to equal the quality of advertising they see on their television during the Super Bowl. Today’s scoreboards advertising is changing what once was a simple score keeping system into another mode of visual delight. LED colors and graphics easily match the team colors and sponsor logos. Information can be displayed and changed instantly. Audio and video, permanent and portable, hard-wired or even wireless.

Everything related to football stadium advertising directly reflects on the team and can also have a great affect on the fans themselves. A quality scoreboard, manufactured by a well-established company that understands the fans and the team needs is the direction that many football stadiums are heading in. Engineers are now working with a manufacturing consultant to achieve their vision of the best they can get in scoreboards advertising.

The method of marketing to the loyal fans of the team is a natural win for everyone. The connection the fans feel when viewing today’s high tech scoreboards is as close as they can get to a connection to their team.

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