Attracting Fan’s attention: Illuminated Advertising vs Electronic Message Boards

Illuminated AdvertisingIn days gone by, the unchanging and often tattered billboard was a mainstay along the highways. versions with high wattage light bulbs were the next step. Eventually, the image changing version came along. All this was designed to capture our attention and they did an ok job for the time. When attending a sports game one rarely looked at the message board except to see a score change. Advertising was usually a logo of the advertiser and frankly, uninteresting.

Along came the digital age – and everything changed. We have become used to high tech advertising in all facets of our lives. The internet now outweighs print newspaper and radio, according to Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project and Project for Excellence in Journalism. We are being exposed to some of the best graphics and designs in advertising on the net every day.

While illuminated advertising is still around, it is becoming less cost efficient and is definitely not ecologically oriented. have addressed a number of advertising issues and have impacted our lives on a lot of levels. First – the LED lighting is available in sharp, clear and crisp colors of all ranges. The colors themselves are simply riveting. The technology allows for easy to change flexibility for the messages on . Therefore, the message can be changed with the moment and can accommodate the needs of the viewer.

From an ecology standpoint, LED lighting lasts for thousands of hours and uses very little power. Light bulbs simply don’t. They also have to be manually changed at a staggering rate. Stadiums and schools are realizing that standard illuminated advertising is not cost-effective and they are looking to the next technology of the electronic message board service. They are available in wired and wireless as well as permanent or portable. The best quality message boards are well-designed, with easy installation and low maintenance.

Fans are now accustomed to viewing the electronic message board as part of the game process. They look forward to the instant updates, advertising and sometimes comedic input. The colors dazzle and the information attracts. Some of the message boards are taking the leap of technology so that they can run streaming high-def video. Fans all around the world are now becoming accustomed to the ‘connection’ they have for the teams and the game – via the electronic message boards. Advertisers are working to get the very best in graphics to attract the fans and keep their attention during half times and game breaks. They know that their message will be seen and this brings customers directly to them.

What was once just a method to see the score is now becoming a high level priority when a new stadium or game grounds is being built. The age of the old illuminated advertising is gone and a new era of electronic message boards is here. They have become a form of information as well as entertainment and fans, teams and advertisers couldn’t be happier.

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