Football Stadium Advertising on Scrolling LED Displays

Football Stadium Advertising

Football fans are some of the most loyal in the world. Advertisers have known this for decades and proudly lend their name to sponsorship of the local, college or state football teams. The has grown exponentially, from the flip over or peg board score boards to today’s . It has, in essence, become another high expectation visual display that the fans have come to expect.

Local team all the way to stadium managers understands that sponsorship is part of the football business. Developing relationships with sponsors is a political and business necessity. A high quality, football stadium advertising venue is a part of the presentation for a varied an increased number of sponsors.

Gone are the games where the scoreboard was simply an add-on to see what the score happened to be. have become a high tech view to make the fans feel like they are linked to and are actually part of the game. The spectacular visuals of scrolling led displays have replaced the chalky numbers or incandescent bulbs. Long lasting and ecologically sound LED’s offer colors in a rainbow to match the teams and present a visual extravaganza.

Scoreboards advertising attract the sponsors for advertising through streaming video, up to the minute messages from the scrolling led displays and ad hoc comedy for the fans and teams. A high quality, well built football scoreboard can make the fans scream with delight and the sponsors smile. Company logos can be changed on a scoreboard at will to make football stadium advertising part of the newer immediate gratification and high tech services our society is becoming used to.

Studies have been shown to prove that sports advertising is one of the most beneficial that a company can have. The product or company branding is not only recognized, but remembered by the viewers. A poor quality or low tech scoreboard can have the opposite effect as well, therefore team and stadium managers are researching a football stadium scoreboard as an important investment for the future of the team and the stadium.

Technology has brought us a variety of choices for football stadium scoreboard advertising. A good manufacturer will have a consultant to work with the manager in examining the exact requirements and needs. Permanent scoreboards should be easy to install, have low maintenance and repair and should retain the new look, even 5 years later. There are hard wired for the seated controller and wireless versions for those that want the controller to be embedded on the field for play by play input.

Sponsors and advertisers want their branding to appear in the streaming messages to reinforce their image to the loyal fans. The colors on the led displays are dazzling and draw the eyes of the fans to the scoreboards where they will see everything from the scores, advertising and information on their team players.

Football stadium advertising on today’s high tech and visually pleasing scoreboards is a win for fans, teams and sponsors.

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