The 5 Best NFL Head Coaches

The 5 Best NFL Head Coaches

Top level coaches have the craziest job of them all. They work day in day out with their team in the knowledge that one run of bad results and they could be sent packing and their career could be over. They are the people who can lift up the team’s spirits in bad situations and who can make a weak team competitive by getting the best out of the players at their disposal. In this article, I have taken a look at the 5 coaches in the NFL today who I consider to be the best in their trade.

5. Sean Payton
The New Orleans Saints were struggling quite badly when Sean Payton was signed as the coach of the team. The fans were relieved when they got this news because Payton came with a great reputation. Prior to signing Payton as the head coach, the football scoreboards showed that the New Orleans had made it to the playoffs just five times in 39 years and were in bad shape. Payton came in as the life saver for New Orleans. Under his coaching, the team has made it to the playoffs three out of five times and have also won the Super Bowl once.

4. Mike McCarthy
The Green Bay Packer’s coach is nothing short of brilliant. He has led his team to countless victories and turned his team into one of the best in football. Out of the five seasons he has coached, the team has won four seasons. The only reason they didn’t win all the five was the controversy of Brett Favre’s retirement, his return and then eventually his trade to the New York Jets. Another distinguishing quality of McCarthy is his humbleness, and that is something surely lacking in this industry.

3. Andy Reid
Though Andy Reid has never been able to win a single Super Bowl, he is undoubtedly one of the best coaches in the NFL. His player development skills are superb. He has coached young teams and due to his ability to motivate and get the best from his players he has won with those young teams. The Philadelphia Eagles have been very impressive under his coaching. Out of the 12 seasons that they have played under Reid, the Eagles have played five NFC Championship games.

2. Mike Tomlin
Fortunately for them, the Pittsburg Steelers have had three of the best coaches in the last 32 years. Mike Tomlin is the most underrated out of the three coaches. The Steelers have been very successful under his coaching and have missed the chance of playing in the playoffs only 25% of the time. They have also won the Super Bowl once under his guidance.

1. Bill Belichick
Who else could be the number 1 coach in NFL? The three time winner of the best coach in the NFL has paved the way for the New England Patriot’s success. He is the coach with the most wins, the best reputation and the biggest pay check. In his case, this is well deserved!

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