Cheap Football Scoreboards: What Not to Look for When Buying a Football Scoreboard

Cheap Football Scoreboards

At every high school and college you go to you will almost always see in the auditorium or at the field a huge customized scoreboard. Some schools go through a lot of trouble to have a nice scoreboard that is decked out with advertisements and their school mascot or colors. Schools and teams take a lot of pride in their scoreboard which is why are not a wise investment. Although seemingly insignificant an has an impact on the school or organization that is greater than its simple ability to tell time and score. The scoreboard brings fans to the edge of their seats and reassurance to players on the field. A proper electronic football scoreboard brings morale and spirit to a team and its fans. That is why cheap football scoreboards are not your best bet by any means. Don’t just get something because it is cheap. If all you are looking for is cheap football scoreboards and , then ignore everything I tell you and get whatever suits your budget. However if you are on a budget yet care about your team and the things invested in them, then take these helpful tips and find your organization a spectacle guaranteed to boost their spirit and impress people.

When searching for cheap football scoreboards you are going to get exactly what you asked for, cheap football scoreboards. However finding a proper electronic football scoreboard is not that hard at all, you just have to know what you are looking for. I cannot stress enough the importance of quality in a scoreboard. No one wants to spend money on something only to have it break down on them. Quality doesn’t mean expensive either, it just means quality. Look for features in your scoreboard such as materials used. A reliable scoreboard should be made out of a sturdy framing. These scoreboards may have to go outside so you will want it to be able to resist the stresses of nature. The hours of life on the LED’s are important also. Usually 100,000 hours of life should suffice for the most part. I also recommend buying directly from the manufacturer. You do not want to have to deal with the hassle of third party vendors. If anything breaks down with the scoreboard, you can just call the people you bought it from and they will be able to fix it. A third party vendor will not only have no clue how to fix it, but they may try to charge you fees for sending it back in. Football scoreboard prices vary depending on the features offered and installation. I suggest purchasing a wireless unit to avoid any installation problems and heavy installation fees. A non-wireless electronic football scoreboard may require digging which could cost extra. Football scoreboard prices also should not be drastically different from other scoreboards, so be suspicious of someone who has really cheap football scoreboards, and much more expensive baseball scoreboards.

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