The best games from the NFL in last decade

The Best Games From The Nfl In Last Decade

February 1st, 2009. Super Bowl XLIII: Steelers vs Cardinals 27-23.
The amazing tip-toe catch by Santonio Holmes has been replayed thousand of times. However, if the play had not been made, it would have been 64-yard touchdown from Larry Fitzgarald. The game will also always be remember for the 100-yard interception return, and for the showing a 13-point comeback by the Cardinals in the fourth quarter.

January 19th, 2002. Tuck Rule Game: Patriots vs Raiders 16-13.
The “Tuck rule” certainly did not make sense at the time. Tom Brady had the ball, and it got knocked away from him before he could throw it, and somehow that wasn’t considered a fumble? Only after did we learn that it was actually a correct call, according to the letter of the law. The snowy conditions also helped make this game one that fans will always be remember.

October 23rd, 2000. Monday Night Miracle: Jets vs Dolphins 40-37.
With just one quarter left, the football scoreboards showed that the dolphins were winning by 30-7, then the jets scored 30 in the fourth quarter to take an improbable victory. There had been no sign that the Jets were capable of this. They played poorly in the first half, and were playing against a great defence. They did it though, after Vinny Testaverde caught fire, and helped the Jets get 20 first downs in just 15 minutes. Somewhere around 1:30 a.m., and deep into overtime, John Hall scored a 40-yard field goal to give them the win.

January 8th, 2000. Music City Miracle: Titans vs Bills 22-16.
The Bills were ahead 16-15 with just 16 seconds remaining. Lorenzo Neal handed the ensuing kickoff to Frank Wycheck, who threw it to Kevin Dyson, who went on to score. Many people still believe that it was a forward pass, but at the time the play stood, and the Titans were in the playoffs.

January 30th, 2000. Super Bowl XXXIV: Rams vs Titans 23-16.
With no time left and down a touchdown, the Titans needed to get into the end-zone. They fell short of the line though by just one yard, as the unheralded linebacker M.Jones made a great tackle to end the game and bring the trophy to St. Louis.

February 3rd, 2008. Super Bowl XLII: Giants vs Patriots 17-14.
Most people gave the Giants no hope. The Giants, though, had played very well against the Patriots in the last week of the regular season, and they gained the necessary confidence from that performance. This fantastic win was without doubt one of the upsets of the decade.

January 15th, 2006. The Bettis Fumble and Roethlisberger Tackle: Steelers vs Colts 21-18.
An incredible finish that will always be remembered. The Steelers were ahead by three and would have won it but for the Bettris fumble, and Nick Harper picked it up and ran like crazy to the other end zone, but the amazing Ben Roethlisberger tackle did enough to being him down, and save the game.

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