Best NFL Stadium scoreboards

Best NFL Stadium Scoreboards

When it comes to , the absolute best so far is the one at the new Cowboys stadium in Dallas, Texas. This is the only scoring equipment in the league which is center hung, and it is also the most impressive and largest as well. The board equipment cost twenty five million, and the video additions added more than ten million more to the final costs. The length of the scoreboard is massive at over sixty yards long. The screen also includes the biggest 1080 pixel display anywhere in the world. Because of the size and impressive technology used, this one is at the top of the list concerning the best NFL stadium scoreboards, and there is not currently any other board in the world that can compare.

Raymond James Stadium, which is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers home stadium in Tampa, Florida, was the host of the Super Bowl games in 2009. A player survey showed that this stadium was considered the best to play at, and one of the reasons for this is that it has one of the best NFL stadium scoreboards in the country. The Buccaneers have only been using this new stadium since it opened in 1998, but the scoring systems have been upgraded since then. Each end zone has a large scoreboard, and these can display a number of videos or views at the same time. On the game days, more than thirty employees are required to operate all aspects of this equipment.

One of the unique and unusual NFL stadium scoreboards is the one at Qwest Field, in Seattle, Washington. The stadium structure includes a scoreboard which is vertically oriented for an original and unusual look, and the scores can be seen from anywhere in the stands. The Seattle Seahawks call this NFL stadium home, and the design of the building used input from Paul Allen, of Microsoft legend. This field may have one of the most unusual NFL stadium scoreboards, but during construction there were a few minor glitches. One of these was that the building site for the field and surrounding building were considered small, but terrific planning and design features combined with the scoreboard displays make this field popular with football fans all over the world.

Another one of the best NFL stadium scoreboards is the one at Lucas Oil Stadium, in Indianapolis, Indiana. The scoring equipment may not be considered the largest, but it is very extensive and amazes many of the fans who see it. Instead of a single board, this stadium has two of them, and they both offer full high definition displays. Each board has a height of fifty three feet and a length of ninety seven feet, and they are visible from almost any angle in the stands. These NFL stadium scoreboards add a great look and feel, and they have helped attract bigger numbers at the games since they were first installed. Although not as big and impressive as the equipment at the new Cowboys stadium, this field has a charm and scoreboards that are unique.

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