The risk of injury in football – is it really worth it?

The Risk Of Injury In Football – Is It Really Worth It?

In news, we will look at the scandal of head injuries in football, and ask the question, should parents be letting their children play the game?

The game of football in the US is all about money. Even the most avid fans are really waking up to this and becoming aware of its negative consequences. Nowadays, a player can suffer from a concussion, and just minutes later be back on the field of play. The team owners and coaches are only supporting about this, as they are just thinking about money.

Brain injuries and concussions can lead to death later down the line if just ignored. Many parents are taking the big step of not allowing their child to even play the game. Only the elite tiny fraction of athletes actually make it to the big time, so what’s the point? OK, for the fun of participation, but what risks do you have to take to have fun?

The Eagles game a week ago really illustrated the dangers of the game. The football scoreboards show that the fullback is out for the rest of the season after a horrifying knee injury, and the center is also likely to be out for many months as a result of a massive tear in his right triceps.

Then two players who were suffering from concussion were sent back onto the field. Who knows what this could lead to? There have been a number of former players who have suffered concussions and who passed away at an early age. With this in mind, it is shocking that those two players were sent back onto the field. The NFL clearly still views players as animals put there for our entertainment.

Recently it was discovered that the football player who committed suicide had CTE, which is a trauma-induced disease. This player was just 21, and he already had a form of brain damage. In fact, many deceased players from the NFL have been shown to have this disease, which is a consequence of the countless hits and succession of mini-concussions that they experience whilst playing football.

Clearly players in the big league get poor medical guidance regarding concussions, and at more minor levels there is no reason to believe that the situation is any better. There is such pressure on players and trainers no matter what level the game is played at. That is the nature of the game of football – alpha males who have got to win. At high school level I have also seen teenagers take big hits and come off the field dazed, then within minutes sent back on into the middle of the frenzy. Partly this is due to the NFL, and the desire for young players to imitate their heroes.

With the game not likely to get any less rough anytime soon, parents must think through whether it is really worth it for their child to participate in this sport. If the give the child the green light, then they need to be aware of the dangers and, if need be, stay on the sidelines to make sure the players are being protected.

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