Best NFL team never to have won the Super Bowl – part 2

Best Nfl Team Never To Have Won The Super Bowl – Part 2

Green Bay in 1996: A great 13-3 season and winner of the NFC, Green Bay performed brilliantly in 96. Their QB Brett Favre won the MVP for the 3rd season in a row. Green Bay played in San Francisco in the NFC Championship Game, and the showed a 23-10 victory. However, they were denied their second championship in a row when the unfancied underdogs, the Broncos, shocked them in Super Bowl XXXII.

St. Louis in 2002: A fantastic regular season, with the football scoreboards showing 14-2 in their favour. They became the first (and still only) team in the illustrious history of the NFL to score more than 500 points 3 years in a row. Their start player, Kurt Warner won his second MVP in 3 years. Marshall Faulk reached over 2100 yards from scrimmage. They were expected to walk through Super Bowl XXXVI, and to establish themselves as THE team for the 2000’s. However, the opposing team: the Patriots, who were lead by a rookie-starting QB that no one knew about, had other plans, and they spoiled the party in St.Louis.

The Vikings in 1969: They were the best in the NFL. They were the highest scorers, with the tightest defense. They outscored their opponents 379 to 133. They scored more than 50 points in 3 games, and won 5 games by over 27 points. Their defense allowed just 9.5 points per game. All in all, they were one of the most dominant teams the NFL had ever seen. The Kansas City Chiefs surpassed themselves in the final, however, and Minnesota had to make do with the runners up position. During the 70’s, the Vikings reached the final 3 more times, but lost every one of them.

The Vikings in 1998: They were just the 3rd team in the NFL to achieve a 15-1 regular season scoreline. In addition to this, they scored a total of 556 points. This is the second-highest total in the history of the NFL.
Randall Cunningham performed brilliantly in 98. He threw for 34 touchdowns, and was intercepted only 10 times. Randy Moss scored 17 touchdowns and won the NFL Rookie of the Year Award.
Gary Anderson was the very first regular season perfect kicker in the history of the NFL. However, in the NFC Championship against Atlanta, he missed an important goal, which enabled the Falcons to tie the game and then knock them out in overtime.

The Patriots in 2008: The first ever 16-0 in the history of the league, with a record 589 points. They outscored their opponents by an average of 20 points per game, which was another record. Tom Brady completed no less than 50 touchdown passes for the season and Moss recorded 23 touchdown receptions: 2 more records! Against all expectations, however, they were taken down by the Giants in the big game, and somewhat sadly the Patriots ended the season 18-1.

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