Custom ID Panels and Sponsorship

Custom ID PanelsWhen considering your electronic scoreboard you will need to know the placement and size, the colors of your team or school and the method of connectivity. You have also decided whether you will have an indoor or outdoor scoreboard position or whether your interests will be with a portable scoreboard. These choices will be the major portion based on the location of your scoreboard and the type of games that will be held. All of the electronics will be matched with those decisions and will be some of the primary topics that start the conversation with our team of professional counselors.

Now you will want to think about the secondary level of considerations that you may not have been aware of:
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Hidden Secret of Boston’s Old Green Monster Scoreboard

Old Green Monster ScoreboardEvery Boston Red Sox fan is familiar with the Green Monster. While you and I might think it is a hideous ugly version of what a scoreboard should be today, it is beloved by those in the area. It has become an icon for those that have attended games and one of the few things that fans and attendees felt offered a bit of stability in this constantly changing world. The old scoreboard was attributed for causing the loss of many a game due to its height and praised by locals for a win. Continue reading “Hidden Secret of Boston’s Old Green Monster Scoreboard”

Innovation Legacy

Electro-Mech brings you the world of electronic scoreboards with the expertise and knowledge of quality manufacturing since 1963. We focus on your needs and requirements, through the creation of our product, one scoreboard at a time. The Electro-Mech name is associated with unparalleled quality and our ability to address each sports need and customer. Each of our electronic scoreboards is fashioned from customer consultation and the experience in making sure our clients get the best purchase with the highest level of value.
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What Exactly is LED and Why is it Important?

LEDBy definition, an LED is actually a light emitting diode. This means that it is a small electronic semiconductor that actually converts energy from electricity into light of the visible spectrum. Colors, as well as power efficiency and brightness in an LED are determined by the actual chemical compound used inside the LED. If you look at a standard light bulb, you will see a small filament inside. This filament is the cause of high electrical use and when it goes bad, the light is useless. LED lights don’t have that filament, and therefore are longer lasting and take less electricity.
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How does the Electro-Mech Modem System Work?

The word modem is actually a shorted version of the original words: modular demodulator and was originally designed to send digital data (information) over a telephone line. During those days, the data was converted to analog, sent over the telephone line, then reconverted back to a digital format by hardware on the receiving end. For those that may remember the old/original computer modems as well as fax modems, they used a land-line phone line connection, with notoriously slow connection speeds Today’s wireless modems send digital data via radio signals.
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Dallas Cowboys Use Scoreboards to Increase Competitive Edge

Dallas CowboysA top rate team like the Dallas Cowboys is well aware of the fact that they need to maintain their name, legacy and placement in football. They are also aware of the fact that when you are on the top you either stay their or, the only other way is down. These are two of the reasons that their practices now include scoreboards as a method to keep them strong.

Jason Garrett decided to give the Cowboys a visual aid for the players during training camp in Valley Ranch. His attitude is that the two scoreboards will offer the players the intellectual IQ of the performance. This may be the same psychology as a ballet dancer performing in front of a mirror or actors previewing their craft on video. The players can get an up to the minute idea of how they are doing as an individual and a team.
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Houston Astros Scoreboard: High Tech Info or Hideous?

Houston is a proud town and while the Astros don’t always win, they are proud of their team. You can often hear people having heated water-cooler discussions about the games at Minute Maid Park or the latest concert they attended. The venue is big enough, but not too big and almost everyone in town has been to the park to attend one kind of event or another. But the water-cooler talk has taken a rather nasty turn. It seems that a new electronic scoreboard has gone up at Minute Maid Park and opinions are passionate as to exactly what it is and why it’s there.
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The Mall in London Given the Red Carpet Treatment for the Olympics

Whether you have ever been to London, or not, you have probably seen The Mall on television in some of the major sporting events and formal ceremonies in England. This icon of London is planning an incredible red carpet treatment for the athletes of the 2012 Olympic Games, and it seems it is right up their alley for excellence in presentation and awe. The red coloring of the surface has a visual effect of a huge red carpet, which offers a wonderful appeal for those Marathon and Race Walk athletes as well as the Paralympic and Road Cycling athletes of the games.  It is anticipated that almost eighty athletes will participate in each race.
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Using Electronic Scoreboards and Twitter for the 1 Year to go London Olympics

London Olympix

Over a year ago, a group in London decided to begin preparation for the 2012 Olympics in the most high tech way imaginable. The plan was to use a combination of Twitter and the sports scoreboards in the campaign entitled: #1yeartogo. The hash mark used in their tweets created a new concept called competitive tweeting.

While one may feel that it is hardly necessary to try to raise awareness about the Olympic Games, apparently one group felt differently. They enlisted users on Twitter from around 153 countries to post what turned out to be tweets that totaled to around 165,000 onto their Digital Olympic Stadium. Each user that was added moved their team up on the statistics for the scoreboard; with the top twenty countries displayed on the scoreboard. They included a link to the page so that all people that might be following their individual tweets could also go to the widget and add their supporting vote. By July, 2011, this electronic support for the Olympics became so popular it was listed on the trending topics as number one for a global situation.
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Orlando, Florida: The Center of Everything Fun In The World

Everyone in the country is familiar with Orlando, Florida as the center for all things fun. Going to Disneyworld has been stated as a rite of passage for each child in the U.S. Once there, the number of incredible and over the top theme parks can simply be overwhelming. Sports enthusiasts from everywhere in the country find a variety of teams in Orlando, with special pride in the basketball, baseball, soccer and ice hockey teams. But did you know that there is a controversy as to where the city’s name actually came from?
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Sports Scoreboards: Continuing the Adventure

Stadium DesignWhile some of us may remember the days when a large scoreboard actually created the structural look of a stadium (as in the case of the Angels Stadium in California), the evolution of electronic scoreboards has made drastic changes in the last fifteen years.

The dynamics of the electronic era has jumped from the standard bulb displays to the latest in high tech LED. The introduction of the LED lights not only offered brighter, crisper and more exciting colors, but are a savings in the previous electricity hog lights. This jumpstarted a whole new line of interests in technology. An electronic scoreboard started to be viewed as more than just a place-for-a-score-update, but became an icon of visibility with sponsorship views in more graphic formats.
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Disney Uses Electronic Scoreboards to Rate the Speed of the Staff

The word Disney conjures up everything from the famous mouse, movies and fun filled childhood experiences. The last thing the word would bring into your mind would be a big-brother-is-watching you, competition viewed on a large scoreboard to measure the staff performance. But, believe it or not, the home of so many endearing shows and forest animals does just that. They put their employees on a time counter, view and film them and display the results on a scoreboard.
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The Incredible Art of Scoreboards and Lighting

Scoreboards LED LightingWhen you walk into a large stadium to attend a game, there is always an air of excitement and an electricity that seems to run through the crowd. Looking out, you can see the electronic scoreboard, already streaming promotions, information and pregame stats. This is set up as a presentation that draws the eyes with color and bombards you with audio so clear; you would think you were at home. Most of us have no idea that an incredible amount of analysis and planning went into what we are seeing and hearing; but, there is a new art form that has emerged in the architecture of today’s lighting and scoreboards.
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Sports Digital Networks: Going beyond the scoreboard

Sports Digital Networks

There is a newer technology trend that is taking hold in the world of sports venues: the era of the digital network. We are in a society of immediate and instant information and gratification and there is probably no field that requires this more than sports. Stadiums around the world are scrambling to partner their existing technologies with digital networks so that we can see, hear and experience our favorite teams and events in real time.
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Combining Electronic Scoreboards with Webcasting

Live WebcastsThe era of the electronic scoreboard has surpassed just the need for scores, lights and sponsors, we are in a real time, up to the minute information age and this means scoreboards have to accommodate what the people want. A more recent requirement has been to have live webcasting abilities for scoreboards. The webcast concept has introduced some rather innovative companies that can and accomplish the needs of webcast from venues of all sizes and locations.
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Branding your sports event for the unique look you want

The art of branding is a key subject that is taught in every marketing class. However, reading and doing are two totally different things. In the past, if you wanted to create your own branding you had to hire a marketing company. They would use a full staff of experts that included idea people, graphic designers and implementation schedules. For those with a large budget, this would not be a problem. But what if you have very little budget at all? Well, fear not, there is now software programs that you can buy that offer the ability to create your own branding at a tiny percentage of the cost.
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Stadium Advertising in the UK Brings Better Attendance

Stadium Advertising IncreasesThere doesn’t seem to be the controversy these days over stadium advertising. For most of us, it is not only to be expected but is now part of the game or show experience. Over the last year, there has been a study in the United Kingdom comparing the attendance levels of the games. The results has been surprising and of great advantage for fans, teams and sponsors.

The SPL Audience Report is an in-depth report that is part of the IFM Sports Marketing Surveys. This report was designed to offer backup proof with return on investment data. Examination involved the third quarter of the 2010 through 2011 season, and a variety of marketing areas were examined to show what types and at what levels stadium advertising increases attendance.
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Fiber Optics Video: The total electronic scoreboard experience

Fiber Optics VideoFor most people, they take fiber optics for granted. In today’s electronic video world, fiber optics have become the norm. While it was slow to take off, it has become the mainstay for all video. This is paramount in the sports stadiums where every dollar invested has to have a high ROI (return on investment). Fan expectations are at their highest level, with electronic scoreboards at front and center of the show or game experience. The advent of video into the arena has made fiber optics a must have for quality, clarity, resolution and, in the long run, fun.
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Combining old fashioned with new and modern at the National Sports Center

Having a broken or poorly located scoreboard can often be worse than no scoreboard at all. No one knows this better than the National Sports Center in Minnesota. The broken scoreboard was an official hall of shame and someone
decided to do something about it!

The National Sports Center had a broken scoreboard sitting on the ground and peeking out above a fence for a number of years. The temporary portable scoreboard that they bought actually caused more problems because anything could and often blocked it. The little portable was the brunt of many of the Thunder fans jokes and overhead announcements were often made requesting fans as well as the occasional golf cart to be moved so that people could see the scores.
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Today’s Electronic Scoreboard. Streaming video for virtual attendance

Today's Electronic Scoreboard. Streaming video for virtual attendanceThe demand for high tech in today’s sports venues is becoming a main focus for stadium managers. Attendance and following these days is based on what you can offer in the way of visual, audio, virtual and marketing. In the past, these were configured as individual tools, married together with a staff and a lot of preplanning. However, with the new generations of software that work with the video scoreboards, a stadium can have the high tech offerings with real-time live changes; all controlled by a single staff member.

Carver Arena in Peoria Illinois can seat around 12,000 people for their basketball and hockey games. Competition is fierce and to keep up with the demanding times, they made the decision to add to their existing scoreboard system with a complete SDI video and software that offers real time replays. It used to require a three to four people to integrate any of the feeds within the scoreboard presentations. Now, with new software, they have a single screen with touch screen apps that allow a technician to flip between scoreboard view and replays. The system also houses their own library for live-cam views, commercials, institutional presentations and promotions. All of this is easily controlled with a single touch app to switch from one to another. It also reduces the need for multiple servers, down to a single server.
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