Portable Scoreboards – Advantages and Assembly Instructions

have come a long way, from the simple number keeping concept to the new LED, lighter weight and visually appealing focus for the game. Electro-Mech manufacturers a number of high quality portable scoreboards for just about every sport: soccer, lacrosse, field sports, basketball, baseball, football, soccer and even play clocks and practice timers. The advantage of the portable scoreboard is to give you the flexibility of a professional look and feel for your team or school, no matter where the game is held. Nothing shows your pride more than bringing a sharp scoreboard to the field. Models range in sizes from 35 in x 35 in to 5 ft x 3.5 ft., with an excellent selection of colors. Portable scoreboards have become incredibly popular and we now proudly offer an array of choices and options to fit your budget (and make you the envy of every other team).

Electro-Mech has added our “T-Cart” leg kit for ease of transport, rolling the scoreboard over dirt, grass, or any of the typical surfaces. The additional thirty inch wide foot offers stability for your scoreboard. The ease of movement, combined with a sturdy and yet attractive appearance, addresses everything you need for portability of your scoreboard.

A lot of engineering and planning went into the design of our Electro-Mech Portable Scoreboard T-Cart Leg Kit. We know that it has to be easy to assemble and sturdy enough to handle the rigors of moving from game to game and easy to transport and load.

Assembly information:
The T-Cart Leg Kit includes one leg assembly with wheels as well as one leg assembly without wheels. There are four 2 inch ½-13 UNC bolts. The only tool that you will need is a ¾ inch wrench and one of the compatible Electro-Mech scoreboards. While assembly will only take you minutes, this is a two-person job, so it’s recommended that you have another person to assist.

Align the holes in the assembly leg without the wheels, with the hole on the side of the scoreboard (it doesn’t matter which side of the scoreboard you use)

Attach using the 13 UNC bolts that were provided. It’s recommended that one person should support the scoreboard while the other individual threads the bolts in. Using the ¾ inch wrench, tighten the bolts to a recommended torque of 30 ft. lbs. This should be sufficient to keep the legs in place under typical conditions.

Have one person lift the scoreboard cabinet using the attached leg assembly as a pivot, while the leg assembly with wheels is attached. Attach the leg assembly in the same manner as the previous leg. The wheel positioning can be either inside or outside of the scoreboard cabinet.

Double check all of your bolts to ensure they are tight. If any feel lose, use the wrench to tighten them up. Use the leg assembly without wheels as a handle to guide and position your scoreboard to its destination.

The quality craftsmanship of our scoreboards and our Electro-Mech T-Cart Leg Kit should ensure you many years of excellent use.

Source: Electro-Mech Manuals

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