Portable Scoreboards – Advantages and Assembly Instructions

Portable scoreboards have come a long way, from the simple number keeping concept to the new LED, lighter weight and visually appealing focus for the game. Electro-Mech manufacturers a number of high quality portable scoreboards for just about every sport: soccer, lacrosse, field sports, basketball, baseball, football, soccer and even play clocks and practice timers. The advantage of the portable scoreboard is to give you the flexibility of a professional look and feel for your team or school, no matter where the game is held. Nothing shows your pride more than bringing a sharp scoreboard to the field. Models range in sizes from 35 in x 35 in to 5 ft x 3.5 ft., with an excellent selection of colors. Portable scoreboards have become incredibly popular and we now proudly offer an array of choices and options to fit your budget (and make you the envy of every other team).
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Wireless Portable Scoreboards: Catch the Best Moment of the Game

Wireless Portable Scoreboards Catch The Best Moment Of The Game_1

In the world we live in, smaller often means better. Better size for carrying, less clutter when sitting around, and often lighter. Cell phones are a great example of this, where the first cell phones looked like a brick with a stick hanging out of it, and eventually shrank as technology improved in microcircuits and popularity of smaller devices became key. The progression went to the smaller Nokia types to the thin RAZR’s to the smart phones like the Blackberry, Palm and iPhone. Smaller is convenience. Smartphones can catch TV signals to watch on the go, and when convenience doesn’t matter, thats what 60″ screens are for at home.
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