Why You Should Use the Electro-Mech Scoreboard Widget and not a Proprietary Gadget

In the world of the internet there is an eternal evolution of terms, buzzwords and changes. One of the most popular in the last number of years has been the use of ‘widgets’ as well as ‘gadgets’. It’s often a challenge to try to keep up on these terms, but in the world of widgets and gadgets there are distinct differences between the two that can make your life easier.

A ‘gadget’ is typically designed by a company and is considered proprietary. In other words, you can use the gadget but only on that company’s sponsored websites or pages. A ‘widget’ is designed to be easily used on any website.

If you are looking to create a sport for your favorite team, then you look no further. offers an easy to use and automatically configured code for your scoreboard widget, customized for your favorite teams and colors and are available for soccer, baseball, basketball, football and hockey.
There are three different types of scoreboards to choose from and your can also choose your color selections. Sixteen different colors give you the ability to choose background color, stripe color and caption color. Once those are selected, choose from the two different LED colors and you are almost done. You can indicate the names of the ‘Home Team’ and the ‘Away Team’ and the start score. Once that’s completed, just click “Get Code” and you will be given a screen with the html code for your scoreboard. Just in case you made a mistake at this point, you can click on the ‘edit’ button to allow you to correct any errors.

The html code is a simple copy-and-paste into your website and you are good to go. This is another way that Electro-Mech brings convenience and support to our many customers and fans. You can have multiple widgets on your website, so that everyone can follow their favorite sport.

The widgets are great for any sport website. You can look and act like a professional site, without all of the hassles of trying to create and maintain your own. The best part is that this is absolutely free! Just go to the and start creating. We believe in supporting our sports fans, from grade school to university levels as well as anyone who is an avid sports fan and has their own website. If you have any questions, we even have ‘Need Help’ area for you to submit your inquiries. A live technician will read and respond to assist you in any way. You can indicate which type of sports scoreboard widget you are creating and type your question for our technicians to follow up on.

Sports fans are some of the most loyal around and the Electro-Mech family is proud to bring an easy to use widget for everyone to have access to and use. Your website can have a professional look with the kind of scoreboard your followers will absolutely love, and you can be the webmaster star with very little time or effort.

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